Gender, Genders: Equality and Parity in Society and Work

Objective and contents 

The specific scope of the minor is to spread the understanding of the questions connected to gender, starting with theoretic and cultural dimensions and ending with the concrete aspects of society and daily life linked to behavior, education, family and work life, and political and social participation

It will analyse the questions tied to legality, equality and stereotypes in various aspects of society and of both Italian and international culture, and will outline the actions and the policies acting in favor of the changes that would guarantee a better relationship between the genders.

The specific aspects include: pedagogy of gender and epistemology of their differences; gender equality in the business market, as well as the results from education, academics and in work environments (gender balance), welfare and both international and familial rights; community and national regulations, tools for sustaining them (commissions and committees for equal opportunity, advisor) and the necessary measures for their application; and finally cases of discrimination or of good practice.

Student requirements

This Minor is aimed to students on all degree programmes at the University.
Maximum number of participants: 60.

Modules that make up the Minor

Academic year 2017/2018