Women: Comparing Histories and Cultures

Objectives and contents 

In this Minor, literature is the principle tool to outline the figure of women in different historical contexts, from ancient Rome to the present day, and in different social, cultural and institutional contexts with the objective of providing a panorama and ample spectrum relative to roles and stereotypes (identity, women’s public and private role).

For us, starting from a forthcoming reality, through the exams on contemporary Italian literature, the discussion opens to a comparative exam on an international scale with the contribution of different scholars from the University. The relative studies of the woman in our latinamerican culture (women in literature and women writers) will be placed side by side with the relative contributions to Islam (the woman in religious literature and in Islamic rights) and China (women and literature between the late imperial era and the revolution).

Student requirements

This Minor is aimed to students on all degree programmes at the University.
Maximum number of participants: 60.

Modules that make up the Minor

Academic year 2017/2018

Curriculum PERCORSO COMUNE (Students enrolled till 2017)