Computer and Data Science

Objectives and contents 

The Minor in Computer and Data Science helps to provide students with basic skills to use tools for computer science and data science for the management, analysis and interpretation of the bulk of information provided by different digital sources. In particular, they will consider the analysis and management of relative data on social media - a very current area of study, useful in understanding the mechanisms that regulate the collective selection of the society in which we live in – as case studies to eventually discover how to use their acquired understanding for strategic or decisional choices.

Social Media Mining will introduce students to problems of digital data analysis, with the aim to select and induce descriptive and predictive data from the same information. Particular emphasis will be put on the modern social network, from which it is possible to extract data that has the typical characteristics of the so-called ‘big data’, i.e. with large dimensions and produced in a continual way. The case studies scrutinize the analyses of multimedia content products from social networks and of the networks induced by the interactions between the same users.

Data Management aims to make students understand the problems and solutions for digital data management, formed of different types portrayed through appropriate metadata and organized in a way to make it possible to accomplish research and selection. The course will use R software to introduce useful understanding of collection, management and visualization of data, as well as interconnecting them with databases or with Web data sources.

Introduction to Coding aims to make students understand the role that computing takes in solving problems. Students will be introduced to using a simple but powerful programming language such as Python, and at the end of the course they will be able to write their own programs that manipulate data or carry out computer work for general use.

Student requirements

This Minor is aimed to students on all degree programmes at the University except for the degree programme in Computer Science.
There is no maximum number of participants.

Modules that make up the Minor

Academic year 2017/2018

Curriculum PERCORSO COMUNE (Students enrolled till 2017)