Banks and Saving, Work and Revenue

Objectives and contents 

Upon finishing their study programme, each student is allocated a work activity to undertake as an employee, professional or entrepreneur. In each case, students must carry out the requirements by contributing to the levy and tax fees. Furthermore, by entering into the world of work, students become, if not already, clients of a bank, since whether personal money moving in and out, or money connected to the work activity, it passes through a bank account. At the same time, students are also faced with the problem of accumulated savings, through choosing the most opportune investments coherently with the student’s own financial needs and obligations. Amongst this principal objectives, students will also be given an adequate salary at the end of their work activity, adhering to additional Social Security forms with respect to public pensions, such as pension fund management. 

The objective of the minor is to provide basic understanding to allow students to make decisions and operate efficiently and informatively as employees, contributors and savers.

To guarantee course effectiveness, the lectures, carried out by a team of scholars from the Department of Management, are placed side by side with foreign tutors with the aim to guarantee a better understanding of the operative aspects of the topics covered.

Students requirements

This Minor is aimed to students on all degree programmes at the University except for degree programmes in Management, Economics and Business, and International Trade.
There is no maximum number of participants.

Modules that make up the Minor

Academic year 2017/2018