Articles to read. Invitation to join the SLACK App

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I've organised a workgroup using the App SLACK for me to send you articles. That way I hope you will continue to read interesting stuff.

Follow this link to join and obviously download the App. The group is called Varuzza Articles.

Let's hope it works and have fun reading!

COMES - INGLESE 2 Exam information

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Inglese 2 - Lettorato part of the exam


1) Please find a sample exam under my Materiali ISA.

The level of this exam is high B2, so you need to prepare general English to this level and also be familiar with reading business-type texts as we use these types of texts in the exam.


2) Oral exams

Students will be examined in the days following the Wriitten exam. I will give exact dates and times at the Written exam when I know student numbers. Information on this part of the exam is on my Materiali ISA page.



  • Send me an abstract at least 24 hours before the oral exam so that I know what you are going to talk about (100 words - your OWN words).
  • The presentation will take 10 minutes and is normally conducted in groups. You cannot and must not memorise it and you must use your own language and not language cut and pasted from the internet (you'll be penalised for doing EITHER of these things).
  • The groups are small so it's not strictly necessary to use a computer, but I do strongly suggest you have some pictures at least or something similar to liven up your presentation. If you do choose to use your computer, however, it is your responsability to ensure that it works that day and that other students can see what you have prepared. As It is not guaranteed that the classroom we'll be using for the oral exam will have a projector, you should use slides big enough for students to see directly on your screen. 
  • Be ready to answer questions your colleagues and I will ask you at the end of the presentation.




COMES - INGLESE 1 Exam information

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Inglese 1 - Lettorato part of the exam



1) Please find a sample exam under Materiali ISA.

The level of this exam is low B2, so you need to prepare general English to this level and also be familiar with reading business-type texts as we use these types of texts in the exam.


2) Oral exam

Non-frequentanti students (or students who have done the course but have not yet done the oral) will be examined on one of the days following the Written exam. The days will depend on how many students still have to do the speaking exam and if they have other exams on other days etc. I will organise the exact dates and times at the Written exam when I have this information. 



Read the information on what you have to do for the oral exam under my Materiali ISA page. You must follow these guidelines and not arrive at the exam ill-prepared.

COMES Inglese 2 - Homework

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Week 10

Student's book:

Grammar 10B p 151

Revise and Check p102 (answers in Materiali ISA / Inglese 2 / End of course materials)

Workbook unit 10B         

Grammar book Units 34 and 35, Test bank for review 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Video:  One of my students once showed me this lecture by Dr Randy Pausch. He's a speaker who leaves a lasting impression. If you have time, watch it. I hope ithe lecture has the same effect on you too.  

Corrected formal letters: I have corrected Group A (Monday) and they are in my dispensa. I will do Groups B and D next week.

NB - Sara (you know which Sara you are), please note that your letter is already in the dispensa with Group A's letters. I marked it to make sure you wouldn't have to make the effort to come in especially to pick it up! You made me laugh with your excuse in class! Well done for amusing me (and your colleagues).  


I will also be putting up practice tests next week, corrections for some of the exercises in the book and info on how we can have a reading group. Keep checking this page!



Week 9

Student's book:

Grammar 10A  p 150

 Workbook unit 10A

 Grammar 5a p 97

Grammar book Units 31-32

Reading and video:

Bring in an article you have read recently that you've found interesting.

Read this longer than usual article from TIME magazine about Smartphones and children  Watch the mini-video first as it explains what the problem is.

The final unit in the book is all about public speaking. I'd like you to watch Hillary

Clinton's concession speech. She's not known as an amazing speaker but this was an amazing speech. If she had spoken like this during the campaign, the American people might've reacted to her differently.

And on a lighter note, you might enjoy this:   It's a video of Graham Norton (one of the UK's funniest interviewers) chatting to Hilary Clinton recently and talking about her defeat. If it's too long, you can find shorter clips on youtube.



Week 8

Student's book:

Grammar 9B p 149

Workbook unit 9B

Reading p 88 and 89 (just do the reading not the exercises)

Pronunciarion Exercise p 89

Grammar Exercise 5a p 91 

 Vocabulary bank p 163

Grammar book Units 30 and 33

Reading and Video: Lots of stuff this week, but as Economic students you should be interested (I hope) in seeing how the changing world will affect your future, too. 

Read a short article on how magacities are developing

A general summary of the future of Megacities - video clip   

Watch (if you want - but it is interesting!)  Andrew Marr's Megacities video                                                                    

Read a chapter by chapter summary from the United Nations on the problems that will arise with megacities in the future 

Watch the video (from the Pentagon it seems) on what the future holds. It's scary...


Week 7

Student's book:

Grammar 9A  p 148

Workbook unit 9A

Mini Grammar Exercise 5 p 87 

Pronunciation Exercise 7 p 87

Vocabulary bank p 162

Revise and Check p 82

Grammar book Units 28-29 and 41-45

Reading and video:   (an article with  a description of the problem of gun ownership) (article and advert by the National Rifle Association). Please watch the advert too. (another article and another advert) (video with advert)

Please read some articles yourselves so you can discuss gun ownership and the influence of advertising.

Plus come in with a link to your favourite or least favourite advert to show your colleagues and discuss in class.


Week 6

Student's book:

Grammar 8B  p 147

Workbook unit 8B

Pronunciation Exercise 3 p 79

Reading and Vocabulary Exercise 4 p 80

Vocabulary bank p 161

Grammar book Units 26 - 27

Reading We will be discussing Fake News in the lesson. Please read some of your own articles and be ready to talk on the topic in class. Here are some articles I thought you might find interesting.

-Fake news now has a definition in the dictionary

-Article in Time Magazine about the Texas church shooting

-The Daily Wire's (an American conservative news website) response to the above Time article (calling it Fake News)

-Just a fun, interesting article on Trump actually having a Fake Time Magazine cover made up and hung in the offices of some of his golf courses


Week 5

Student's book:

Grammar 8A  p 146

Workbook unit 8A

Mini Grammar Exercise 4a p 75

Vocabulary bank p 160

Reading p 74

Vocabulary and Pronunciation p 75

Grammar exercises a, b, and f  p 76

Reading p 77

Grammar book Units 9 - 10

Reading Anything on cyber crime (music / film downloads, sending extremely personal photos / videos without spomeone's permission etc.). Be ready to have a discussion in class   


Week 4

Student's book:

Grammar 7B  p 145

Workbook unit 7B

Mini Grammar Exercise 3b p 69

Pronunciation Exercise 5 p 70

Vocabulary bank p 159

Grammar book Units 21 - 24

Reading Find an article and bring it in to class to discuss with your colleagues

Video Have a look at this video discussing Women's Body Shape and how it has changed over the years  Be ready to discuss problems young people have (including men) with their body shape.


Week 3

Student's book:

Grammar 7A  p 144

Workbook unit 7A

Read article p 65

Mini Grammar Exercise 5b p 67

Vocabulary bank p 158

Grammar book Units 11 - 14

Reading and video  - please read and watch as much as possible:

  • (video and article on women and the glass ceiling)
  • (articles on women and work)
  •  (Ted Talk on Women's Equality Party)
  • (World toughest job - video interview)
  • (article on how much a housewife should earn)


Week 2

Student's book:

Grammar 6B (student's book p 143)

Workbook unit 6B

Vocabulary we did in class pg 61

Revise and Check pg 62+63

Grammar book Unit 4 (if you haven't already done it in Inglese 1) and Units 19 and 20 on Gerunds and Infinitives from last week

Reading (and video in the article):

You can sign up for free and play some of the brain games


Week 1

Student's book

Grammar 6A (student's book p 142) (I have given you photocopies in class and there are photocopies available in the office for students who missed class)

Workbook unit 6A

Grammar book Units 11-14 (optional)

Video Watch any one of these TED talks and be prepared to talk about it to your colleagues in class

Reading bring in any article you have found interesting this week

Writing Write the letter from the exam paper:   You have recently heard that a well-known university in the U.S.A. is looking for interns to work in their Admissions unit for 3 months. Starting next January. The position offers paid accommodation but no salary. They are looking for graduates in the fields of Business and/or Economics. Write a letter applying for the position.  The letter should be 120-180 words long, and should be written in Ariel size 12 typeface, Please double-space all lines so that it is easier for me to write corrections.

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