COMES Inglese 2 - Course organisation

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Lettorato starts week 1


The coursebook is:

New English File Upper Intermediate 3rd Edition (MULTIPACK B) (Student's book and workbook in the same book)

Clive Oxenden and Christiana Latham-Koenig

published by: Oxford University Press


The grammar book is:

Business Grammar Builder (Second edition)

Paul Emerson

published by: MacMillan

You should have this book from Inglese 1.

However, this book is OPTIONAL for students who wish to do extra grammar practice


Books are available from Libreria San Leonardo.


Changing groups:

PLEASE do not change groups. The timetable has been designed to take into account other classes open to Year 3 students, so there shouldn't be any timetable clashes. If for any reason you have to change groups, you must find someone from another group to change with you. This is to stop any group from being significantly larger than another.


  Extra classes:

There will be 4 extra business skills classes for each of the groups on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Please look at the timetable for times and classrooms.

Group D starts on week 2 for 2 weeks, then Group A for 2 weeks and so on.  The dates will be confirmed in class to take into account recupero and exam weeks.


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My Ricevimento is Tuesdays 12.00 - 1.00


COMES Inglese 2 - Homework

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Week 7

Student's book:

Grammar 9A  p 148

Workbook unit 9A

Mini Grammar Exercise 5 p 87 

Pronunciation Exercise 7 p 87

Vocabulary bank p 162

Revise and Check p 82

Grammar book Units 28-29 and 41-45

Reading and video:   (an article with  a description of the problem of gun ownership) (article and advert by the National Rifle Association). Please watch the advert too. (another article and another advert) (video with advert)

Please read some articles yourselves so you can discuss gun ownership and the influence of advertising.

Plus come in with a link to your favourite or least favourite advert to show your colleagues and discuss in class.


Week 6

Student's book:

Grammar 8B  p 147

Workbook unit 8B

Pronunciation Exercise 3 p 79

Reading and Vocabulary Exercise 4 p 80

Vocabulary bank p 161

Grammar book Units 26 - 27

Reading We will be discussing Fake News in the lesson. Please read some of your own articles and be ready to talk on the topic in class. Here are some articles I thought you might find interesting.

-Fake news now has a definition in the dictionary

-Article in Time Magazine about the Texas church shooting

-The Daily Wire's (an American conservative news website) response to the above Time article (calling it Fake News)

-Just a fun, interesting article on Trump actually having a Fake Time Magazine cover made up and hung in the offices of some of his golf courses


Week 5

Student's book:

Grammar 8A  p 146

Workbook unit 8A

Mini Grammar Exercise 4a p 75

Vocabulary bank p 160

Reading p 74

Vocabulary and Pronunciation p 75

Grammar exercises a, b, and f  p 76

Reading p 77

Grammar book Units 9 - 10

Reading Anything on cyber crime (music / film downloads, sending extremely personal photos / videos without spomeone's permission etc.). Be ready to have a discussion in class   


Week 4

Student's book:

Grammar 7B  p 145

Workbook unit 7B

Mini Grammar Exercise 3b p 69

Pronunciation Exercise 5 p 70

Vocabulary bank p 159

Grammar book Units 21 - 24

Reading Find an article and bring it in to class to discuss with your colleagues

Video Have a look at this video discussing Women's Body Shape and how it has changed over the years  Be ready to discuss problems young people have (including men) with their body shape.


Week 3

Student's book:

Grammar 7A  p 144

Workbook unit 7A

Read article p 65

Mini Grammar Exercise 5b p 67

Vocabulary bank p 158

Grammar book Units 11 - 14

Reading and video  - please read and watch as much as possible:

  • (video and article on women and the glass ceiling)
  • (articles on women and work)
  •  (Ted Talk on Women's Equality Party)
  • (World toughest job - video interview)
  • (article on how much a housewife should earn)


Week 2

Student's book:

Grammar 6B (student's book p 143)

Workbook unit 6B

Vocabulary we did in class pg 61

Revise and Check pg 62+63

Grammar book Unit 4 (if you haven't already done it in Inglese 1) and Units 19 and 20 on Gerunds and Infinitives from last week

Reading (and video in the article):

You can sign up for free and play some of the brain games


Week 1

Student's book

Grammar 6A (student's book p 142) (I have given you photocopies in class and there are photocopies available in the office for students who missed class)

Workbook unit 6A

Grammar book Units 11-14 (optional)

Video Watch any one of these TED talks and be prepared to talk about it to your colleagues in class

Reading bring in any article you have found interesting this week

Writing Write the letter from the exam paper:   You have recently heard that a well-known university in the U.S.A. is looking for interns to work in their Admissions unit for 3 months. Starting next January. The position offers paid accommodation but no salary. They are looking for graduates in the fields of Business and/or Economics. Write a letter applying for the position.  The letter should be 120-180 words long, and should be written in Ariel size 12 typeface, Please double-space all lines so that it is easier for me to write corrections.

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