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English Assessment Grid

Pubblicato il 17/01/2018

Coursebook and information for Year 3 MLC

Pubblicato il 08/01/2018

MLC Year 3 Esercitazioni lingua inglese                Instructor: Dr. Barbara Pagotto


Coursebook and "dispensa" for year 3 (modules 9 and 10)

There will be a compulsory coursebook* and a “dispensa” for class work and homework.

*Expert Proficiency Student's Resource Book (with key), Megan Roderick, Carol Nuttall, Nick Kenny, Pearson, 2013, ISBN 978-1-4082-9900 – 5

Recommended for self-access learning: Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. Pearson English Readers Level 6. ISNB 978-1-4082-2110-5

The Expert coursebook can be ordered/purchased at the university’s bookshop in Treviso.

Further information regarding the “dispensa” will follow soon.

*** Students must have the coursebook when the lessons begin on 5 February 2018, so please take this into consideration if/when you are ordering the book.

It is also essential for students to have access to the following:

A good advanced grammar book.

An advanced learner’s dictionary.

A collocations dictionary.

A thesaurus.

A bilingual dictionary.

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