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English Year 1 Group F lesson March 1

Pubblicato il 23/02/2018

In the second semester, our lessons will be held in Aula 1G, San Basilio. 


Please read or listen to something to discuss in class. Since our next topic is books, you might want to look at a few websites about books such as this:;  The following is about the benefits of consuming fiction:

Be ready to discuss the book types in Speaking 3. 

English File: Grammar Bank 4A 

Workbook: Unit 4A 4

Writing task: Find the frist critical writing task in Moodle and complete it. You can consult the rubrics as well. 






Ricevimento Inglese 1 Treviso

Pubblicato il 23/02/2018

I will receive students from 12.30 to 1.30 on Tuesdays (until March 6th). 

Piccoli gruppi, ricevimento

Pubblicato il 13/02/2018

I receive students to correct written work and discuss language issues on Mondays from 15.45 - 16.45 and Thursdays from 12.30 to 13.30 in Auletta Lingue, Palazzo Cosulich. 

Inglese 1 Treviso homework for week 4

Pubblicato il 08/02/2018

Week 4  Feb. 26 - March 2 

Student's book: Grammar Bank - Unit 2A, Workbook - Unit 2A

Vocabulary - Pg 152

Optional: Business Grammar Builder - Units 5 and 6

Reading: Here are 2 articles from the BBC about vaccinations that should be interesting: -  and  -

Video: if you are interested in the topic, watch this video explaining why a lot of what people say about vaccines is not scientifically correct   -

and if you want to see this topic discussed in a more informal manner, watch this video of John Oliver, a popular (political) television host in America. Decide if you do want to watch this as he uses offensive and vulgar language. -



Week 3 - Feb. 19 - 23 

Student's book:  Exercise c p9,  Mini Grammar p11, Grammar Bank - Unit 1B, Workbook - Unit 1B

Reading: please bring in an article that you have read and can discuss with your classmates. 

Optional : Business Grammar Builder - Units 1 and 2


week 2

Feb 13 - Feb. 16:

Student's book: Grammar Bank , p. 132  - Unit 1A, Workbook - Unit 1A

Optional: Business Grammar Builder- Units 15 and 16, Business Grammar Builder - Pg 238 - 241

Reading and Video:

read this article about the problems the BBC has had with the gender pay gap

and this video on how they are trying to address the problem of different wages between men and women in Iceland

If this is a topic that interests you, look at the following: The Global Gender Report (Italy is page 186)

and this video about how it all starts when we are babies

LINGUA INGLESE I - ESERCITAZIONI - [ET3006-2] TREVISO (155506): Course Organization

Pubblicato il 29/01/2018

Please find attached how Inglese 1 lettorato will be organized, week by week. Please make sure you buy the correct English File Upper-Intermediate Pack A book (3rd edition).

The gammar book (Business Grammar Builder by Paul Emmerson, Macmillan) is optional. However, if you are having problems wih your grammar and would like a reference book, with valid exercises, this auxiliary tool is highly recommended. 

LINGUA INGLESE I - ESERCITAZIONI - [ET3006-2] TREVISO (155506): How/what to study

English Year 3 Group G

Pubblicato il 29/01/2018

Our lessons will be in  Magazzini Frigoriferi, aula 3, from now on. 

Homework for Feb. 26th 

Read or listen to something to discuss in class. One suggestion:

Translation May 3rd, 2016 (to be found in Moodle) 

Headway:  p. 68 exercise 2 

wrokbook: unit 8 1,2, 3, 5, 6 









Homework for Feb. 19th 

Read or listen to something to discuss in class. A good topic is gender issues. You might find this video interesting:

Headway p. 63 complete the exercises 

Workbook: unit 7 5, 6, 

Writing: find the last exam task, from January 2018, in Moodle and choose one of the topics. 





Feb. 12th 

Read p 114-115 of Headway and prepare a short talk, following the guidelines provided. You will do this in small groups. 

Headway workbook: unit 7 (1,2,3,4,5) 

Translation: La casa dei quattro venti (in Moodle) 



English Year 2 Group E

Pubblicato il 29/01/2018

Feb. 26th Homework: read an article or watch a video to discussin class. 

English File: p. 82, 83 revise exercises

                     p. 170 Vocabulary Bank 

Skillful: p.65  Write an essay about the topic suggested in the book (you could also compare two other languages you know something about), or any language-related issue. You could discuss the importance of preserving a regional dialect, for example, and how to go about it. 


EAP: unit 20  20.1, 20.2, 20.3, 20.4 


Feb. 19th Homework: read an article or watch a video to discuss in class. 

English File: Grammar Bank 8B 

p. 81 Speaking: think about a bad journey and take notes so that you can give a short talk about it in class

p. 83 Text - travel insurance (read and complete T/F exercise) 

Workbook: 8B 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 




Feb. 12 th  Homework: Read an article or watch a video to discuss in class.

English File: p. 122 a discursive essay Write at least 250 words. Avoid repetition and pay attention to paragraphing. Two topics are provided at the top of p. 123, but you can also write about any other subject of your own choosing. 

EAP unit 11.5, 11.6, E (p. 107)

Skillful: p. 60, 61 Reading; p. 59 read Critical Thinking Skill and do exercises 1, 2





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