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RIC inglese exam results

Pubblicato il 06/09/2018

The following students passed the exam held on 06.09.2018

Iscritti Newbold

870335     27

989252     27

966932     22

Iscritti Ludbrook

847823     25

807379     18

848924     30

The results will be registered by the teacher whose list the enrolment was made on, along with any outstanding marks from the continuous assessment module which have not yet been registered.


upcoming office hours / prossimi ricevimenti

Pubblicato il 23/08/2018

Next office hour 5th september 10 am /Prossimo ricevimento: 5 settembre ore 10

Please note that I will be absent for research purposes from September 10th to October 22nd.

Sarò assente in missione dal 10 settembre al 22 ottobre.

Office hours will resume on my return on wednesdays at 10.

Il ricevimento riprende al mio ritorno il mercoledì alle ore 10.

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