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Writing task for RIC

Pubblicato il 16/03/2017

As part of the continuous assessment of the RIC course in English language, as well as the oral assesment, you also have to write a short report of the debate which you particpated in.

The report  should be about 400 words long (with a 10% tolerance), and you should let have it within two weeks after your presentation. Please let me have a print out as a word document.

The report should be written in an appropriate formal style, using the past tense. You should report both sides of the debate as objectively as possible, using appropriate reporting verbs, e.g.

Speaking in favour of the motion, A  argued that.....

Speaking against the motion, B  replied that....

You could conclude by referring to the final vote, but it would also be appropriate to provide a reasoned overview of why the debate was important (although you might prefer to do this as part of your introduction).   

The abstract counts towards the assessment of the module, along with your contribution to the debate, your handling of the questions during the debate, and your contribution to the rest of the course. Non attenders will be given a different writing task at the exam; details will be posted in a separate notice.


Pubblicato il 16/03/2017

In attachment you will find the update groups.

Two groups are still incomplelet:

Group 10       May 4th

PESSA Antonio (co-ordinator), TIMOUMI Firiel, XILLO Ermene, MASCARDO Pier Alberto, HUA My Ding

Group 11       May 11th

PROVIAS Eleftherios (co-ordinator), SINYAVSKAYA Maria, TRESOLDI Filippo, OTTOBONI Martina

The co-ordinators are not necessarily the chiais, but will decide the roles. If necessary I can be the chair for gorup 11 which only has four participants. The rest of the group should contact the co-ordinators Antonio and Eleftherios, who should organise their group and let me know the roles.

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