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RIC updated debate timetable

Pubblicato il 10/04/2018

Please note that this week (April 12th there will be TWO groups; the first group will start at 8.30, if possible. Please make every effort to come early!

In attachment you can find the recently updated and almost definitive timetable for the whole semester.

Writing task for RIC students (continuous assessment)

Pubblicato il 10/04/2018

Writing task for students doing continuous assessment.

Students should write an argumentative essay (500 – 700 words), the title of which should be the motion debated by the student.

The essay should NOT however be a summary of the debate; rather, it is a presentation of the arguments for and against the motion, arguments which may or may not have featured in the debate. It should argue these points coherently and clearly, with a judicious use of examples, andconclude with the writer adopting a position in favour or against.

A level close to or above C1 of the CEFR is expected. Marks will be awarded for features such as


Appropriateness of content and choice of examples

Appropriate structuring

Style, including rhetorical-persuasive features

Lexical range

Formal accuracy

Appropriate citing of sources


The writing task counts for one third of the overall mark for the continuous assessment module.

The task should be sent to me as a word doc email attachment, and I also require a print out which can be given to me on the last but one lesson of term (May 10th) or left for me at the porter's lodge in Cosulich.

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