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LLEAP assessment for non attenders

Pubblicato il 11/04/2017

Students who did not attend the course in the first semester cannot be part of the self assessment programme and will have to do the exam.

This consists of an oral presentation (10 -15 minutes)  on a topic pertaining to 'Aspects of English Today'. You should agree this topic with me (by email, or during my office hours) at least a week before the exam. In addition, you should send me a written abstract of your presentation (approx  350 words) at least three days before the exam. This abstract contibutes to the overall assessment. After your presentation you should be prepared to answer questions on the contents (another 10-15 minutes). You may use notes during the presentation, but powerpoint is not required. To have an idea of topics which were presented during the course, you can view  the material on the CMM / laboratorio linguistico page To access this material the password is LLEAP2016.

If you did not attend the lettorato given by Dott.ssa McQuillan, you will also have to do this part of the assessment; please contact Dott.ssa McQuillan for details.

RIC assessment for non attenders

Pubblicato il 11/04/2017

Non attenders cannot be part of the continuous assessment programme, and will have to do the exam.

The written exam  consists of 2 argumentative essays (300-400 words) on topics pertaining to International Relations chosen from 5 alternatives, and a listening test in which students are required to summarize the main points in a text relating to a topical issue in IR. The exam lasts two hours.

The oral exam takes the form of a paired discussion with another student. Students are given a motion pertaining to International Relations, and are required to present arguments in favour or against the motion.

For examples of typical debates, see the attached calendar of student-led debates which has been used recently.




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