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LLEAP / JDEAS catch up lesson November 25th

Pubblicato il 21/11/2017

As announced in class there will be no lesson on Thursday November 30th. The catch-up lesson will be held BEFORE this date, on Saturday November 25th, in San Basilio at 08.45.

LLEAP presentations updated list

Pubblicato il 16/11/2017

The calendar for your presentations is now complete, and you can check the date of your slot in the attached file.

If you miss a lesson, you can look at the presentations which are uploaded week by week on the  CMM / Laboratorio Linguistic website at

LLEAP / JDEAS information about the abstract

Pubblicato il 12/11/2017

The abstract for your presentation should be 300 words (with a 10% tolerance), and you should let me have a print out by the final week of the semester. Please also send me a copy as an email attachment.

The abstract should be written in an appropriate formal style, using the present or future ('will') tense: 'I show /will show how this variety of English developed during....'

However, it doesn't have to use metalanguage (i.e. it doesn't have to make references to the presentation, as in the above example). An alternative approach is simply to summarize the contents of the presentation in an efficient way for the listener. But probably most writers would use a self-referential style.

Since it is short, you should take care to correct it, and to be careful with punctuation and spelling as well as grammar, lexis, and structure - but don't over-structure! 

The abstract counts towards the assessment of the module, along with your presentation, the slides, your handling of the questions, and your contribution to the course.

LLEAP / JDEAS catch up lesson

Pubblicato il 12/11/2017

Please note that there will be no lesson on Thursday November 30th, as I will be 'in missione'.

The catch up lesson will be held BEFORE this date, on Saturday November 25th in aula 1B at San Basilio. Please make every effort to attend this lesson!

The final lesson of the semester will be on Thursday December 21st.


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