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Flavio Gregori took his degree in Modern literatures at the University of Trieste (1984), and a PhD in English studies from the University of Florence (1992); he was postdoctoral fellow at the University of Genoa. He worked as Italian assistant in the Universities of Giessen (Germany), Reading (UK), Lancaster (UK), and University College Dublin. In 1995 he became assistant professor in English literature at Ca' Foscari University, where he was made associate professor in 2001, and full professor in 2008. 

He is currently Provost for the University Cultural activities and relations. Previously, he served as Director of the Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies; Head of the BA programme in Modern languages and cultures, and of the Master program in European, American and Postcolonial literatures; Rector's Deputy for Cultural and literary activities; Vice-president of the Centre for Balkan and International studies. 
His research interests focus mainly on the English literature of the 'long eighteenth century'. He has worked also on modern and contemporary culture, co-directing a financed research on the image and reception of Italy in Postcolonial anglophone literatures (2011-13); as well as on literary theory, comparative literature, and the interaction between literature and cinema. 
He has written essays and monographs on Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope, Laurence Sterne, the Neoclassical epic and mock-heroic poetry, and Scriblerian satire; on modern and contemporary fiction, and cinema adaptation. He is advisor to the journal The Scriblerian, and director of the journal English Literature, founded by the Italian Association of the Teachers of English Literature and produced at Ca' Foscari.

He was visiting scholar at UCLA, Georgia State University Atlanta, and Humboldt University Berlin, and delivered lectures and papers at several universities in Italy, Europe and the USA. He collaborates with the International Laurence Sterne Foundation and the Ehrenpreis Centre for Swift Studies, and is member of the Italian Association of the Teachers of English Literature (ANDA; member of the steering committee, 2010-2015); the Italian and European Societies for English Studies (AIA and ESSE), the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, the Associazione Sigismondo Malatesta
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