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Master's programme curricular internships can be activated by means of a three-year agreement between Ca' Foscari University of Venice and the host institution, unless an agreement is already in place between the parties, and by the preparation of training project to be agreed with the company tutor and lecturer.

These documents must be drawn up by the student together with a representative of the host institution and sent by post to Ca' Foscari Challenge School before the start of the internship (or at least sent in advance via email to master.challengeschool@unive.it).

  • Students can carry out more than one traineeship within one Master's programme training project, provided that they are activated before the conclusion of the Master's Programme (they may however continue after its conclusion) and that the total duration of all traineeship projects does not exceed 12 months and lasts at least 1 month.
  • The internship is not a form of employment, therefore the trainee's presence is not sanctioned by any contractual agreement.
  • The total weekly hours cannot exceed 40 hours and a lunch break must be guaranteed on full-time working days. Any time off must be agreed between the company and the intern.
  • Facilities (reimbursement of expenses, meal vouchers or other benefits that the host institution can offer the intern during the internship): Italian legislation does not oblige the hosting institution to guarantee such facilities. The bookkeeping of any facilities shall entirely be managed by the host institution, which shall also verify how to deliver them. The most frequent facilities include the reimbursement of transport season tickets and lunch meals.
  • All bureaucratic aspects connected to the internship are managed by Challenge School.


It is necessary to check if any conventions are in place between the Ca' Foscari University of Venice and the host institution by going to the relevant list in the Personal Area: searches can be made by selecting the name of the city where the host institution has its registered office.

Should no such conventions be in place with the company searched for, students must fill in and sign an online form for the request of a new convention.

Please note: given that the tacit renewal clause is no longer foreseen, if the convention was entered into more than three years beforehand it will be necessary to stipulate a new convention.

The Convention, which will be generated online, must be printed in four copies stamped and signed in original by the legal representative of the host institution (or his/her delegate) and sent to the following address with one 16 euro revenue stamp:

Master of reference (must be specified on the envelope)
Challenge School
P.zo Ca' Dolfin Saoneria
Dorsoduro 3859/A, 30123 Venice

One of the 4 copies, duly signed by the Ca' Foscari Manager in charge of the project, will be sent to the Company, the other copies will be kept by Challenge School in order to be passed on to the relevant offices.

The revenue stamp is not necessary if the company is public, a non-profit institution, a "type B" social cooperative or if it is based abroad.

Please note that: Conventions between public institutions must be signed by the parties using a digital signature only: in this case the file, after being digitally signed by the public host institution, must be sent via mail to the address master.challengeschool@unive.it, specifying the name and surname of the student who will participate in the internship, the Master's programme and the year.

Training project

The training project must be drawn up in five copies undersigned in the original by the company tutor, the university tutor (usually the Director of the Master's Programme) and the intern and sent to:

Master of reference (must be specified on the envelope)
Challenge School
P.zo Ca' Dolfin Saoneria
Dorsoduro 3859/A, 30123 Venice

Three of the five copies of the training project are kept by Challenge School in order to be passed on to the relevant offices, the remaining two will be given to the intern and the host company.

Please note that: any transfers to locations other than the one specified will need to be indicated under "internship goals and methods of apprenticeship". If no such transfers have been specified in the training project, it shall be necessary to fill in an ad-hoc form (herewith attached).  Once the form has been duly completed and signed it shall be scanned and sent via email to master.challengeschool@unive.it with reasonable advance with respect to the  scheduled date of the trip.
The same form can be used in the event of interruption, extension or variations of the agreements specified in the training project.

Attendance register

This is the document that is used to record the intern's presence in the company.

It must be filled in as accurately as possible for safety and insurance purposes as well as to guarantee the recognition of credits. For this reason it must be updated by the intern on a daily basis during the internship providing indication of the student's presence in the company, and undersigned by the company tutor.

The attendance register in Italian and English can be found as an attachment.

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