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All courses

The Higher Training initiatives are organised into one-day seminars, medium duration courses, modular courses and vocational courses and are divided into subject areas to make it easier to choose the most suitable course for your needs.


Specialist subjects tackled in great depth by international experts, with courses in English.

General management and strategy

All the tools to develop specific skills and bring innovative knowledge and added value to organisations.

Global business

Ideas and strategies for opening up foreign markets, consolidating your presence in other countries, choosing new suppliers and working with foreign companies. Preparing for new business challenges in a global context.

International Business

Internal audit

Corporate Governance tools and skills to guarantee an efficient internal control and risk management system.

Marketing and selling

Selling has never been so difficult. New ideas for improving your sales approach where commercial expertise meets new creative skills.

Public administration


The most innovative courses to update and specialise in health and safety issues at the workplace through an experiential methodology which prepares people to be able to intervene in emergency situations and trains new experts in the sector.

Acoustic experts

Health and social issues

Science and technologies

The annual school for the study of nanotechnologies, an international benchmark for researchers and businesses.

Soft skills and self development

Improving professional performance through the development of personal skills. Receiving support to overcome your limitations.  Becoming an author of change in your life and at the company where you work

Teaching foreign language courses

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