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Ca' Foscari rowing team on the podium in Vienna


The Cafoscarina rowing team won third place in Vienna in the race NightRow 2013, which was attended by teams from all over Europe. After tough selection, the Venice team managed to qualify for the semi-finals where it competed against the Vienna home team.

The semi-final was a photo finish with Venice beating Vienna by two-tenths of a second. The final was played between Zagreb, Poland and Venice. The Ca' Foscari University team won third place after a hard-fought competition during which the stroke’s seat broke.

The Venetian athletes who participated in the Vienna NightRow are:
Michele Ghezzo
Nicola Sabbadin
Lorenzo Barbato
Stefano Morosinato
Stefano Civin
Jacopo Colombi

Cox: Michela De Pieri

Accompanying staff:
Sergio Barichello
Alexander Fichte (translator)


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