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HSK Test

Test informations

What is HSK?

The HSK (汉语水平考试 Hanyu shuiping kaoshi) Exam is a Chinese national standardized  Proficiency Certificate that tests the language competencies of non-native speakers of Chinese (foreigners, overseas Chinese, Chinese national minorities). This exam has international recognition and is held in more than 116 centres in over 46 countries.  More than 200 000 people sat for the exam in 2007 alone and the number of candidates increases yearly.
Certificates are issued by the State Committee for the Chinese Proficiency Test of China and are recognized worldwide.

Why take the HSK exam?

Sitting for the HSK exam is important to both improve and test your Chinese. Further, the Certificate is an internationally recognized qualification and, as such, useful if you wish to study in a Chinese University or if you intend to apply for a Chinese Language Scholarship.

How is the exam organized?

There are six levels:

  1. HSK 1 = A1 (knowledge of approximately 150 characters)
  2. HSK 2 = A2 (300 characters)
  3. HSK 3 = B1 (600 characters)
  4. HSK 4 = B2 (1.200 characters)
  5. HSK 5 = C1 (2.500 characters)
  6. HSK 6 = C2 (5.000 characters)

HSK Exam registration costs:

  • HSK 1 = € 20
  • HSK 2 = € 20
  • HSK 3 = € 30
  • HSK 4 = € 30
  • HSK 5 = € 50
  • HSK 6 = € 50


Next test dates and registration period

Next test date: December 2nd, 2017
Registration period: from october 2nd to 25th, 2017

How do I register for the exam?

Non Italian citizens should follow these 4 steps:

  1. register at  www.chinesetest.cn (choose the Confucius Institute at Ca' Foscari University of Venice as the Test Center);
  2. send an email to iscrizioniconfuciovenezia@unive.it these information in this order:
    1. Surname and Name
    2. Full address (Country, province, city, street and postal code)
    3. Email, telephone number, mobile phone number
    4. Level of HSK you'd like to take
    5. Report the fact that the test taker is not an Italian citizen
  3. make a bank transfer (according to the cost of the level) to:

    Department of Asian and North African Studies, Palazzo Vendramin dei Carmini, Dorsoduro 3462, 30123 Venezia
    Banca Popolare FRIULADRIA - San Marco 4121 Salizzada San Luca, 30124 VENEZIA

    IBAN code: IT 08 O 05336 02020 000046603522 (use this code for bank transfers from Italy)
    BIC/ SWIFT code:  BPPNIT2P326 (use this code for bank transfers from abroad)

    Object/reason: “SURNAME, NAME, HSK (N. OF THE LEVEL) December 2017”
  4. send an email to iscrizioniconfuciovenezia@unive.it with the scanned copy of the bank transfer receipt and the scanned copy of a valid ID;

We will then send you an email with the confirmation of the registration, test time and classroom (please do not consider the time indicated on the Admission Ticket).

The day of the exam

Where is the Test Center?

Test Center: Department of Economics of Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Address: Cannaregio 873, Fondamenta San Giobbe, 30121 Venice, Italy [Map]

What do I take to the exam?

The day of the exam you must bring with you:

  1. Admission Ticket ("HSK 准考证 zhunkaozheng").  You can find this document in your personal chinesetest.cn account. It is available from two weeks before the day of the test.
    Candidates are required to exhibit  their Admission Ticket at the exam. The ticket must also be kept in the examinee’s possession after the day of the test.
  2. valid ID (the same used for the registration on chinesetest.cn)
  3. pencils and rubber

All the personal electronic devices must be switched off before entering the classroom. No dictionaries and books are allowed.

Results and certificates

Where do I find my results?

The results will be posted at www.chinesetest.cn approximately 30 days after the exam. The results may be visualized after logging in your admission ticket number.

Where do I retrieve the certificate?

Certificates are made available approximately 60 days after the exam date and may be collected from the offices of the Confucius Institute at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.
The test taker may also delegate others to collect the certificate. In this case the person who is going to collect the certificate must show a valid ID and a written delegation. 
Address of the Confucius Institute at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice:  Palazzo Vendramin ai Carmini, Dorsoduro 3462, 30123 Venice, Italy [Map]

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