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Our research activities unfold along a wide range of themes, and are structured around various research centers and groups within the Department and in cooperation with other Departments in Ca' Foscari

  • AdvanCes in Autonomous, DIstributed and pervAsive systems (ACADIA)
  • Center for Environmental Quality, Assessment and Management (CEQAM)
  • Center for Estuarine and coastal MArine Sciences (CEMAS)
  • Center for Knowledge, Interaction and Intelligent Systems (KIIS)
  • Venice Center for Climate Studies (VICCS)
  • Green Chemistry
  • Statistical Modelling and Applications

The Department also has a long standing cooperation agreements to share research personnel and laboratories with CNR-IDPA, the Institute for the Dynamics of Environmental Processes of the Italian National Council, and with ECLT, the European Center for Living Technology both based in Venice, and hosted by Ca' Foscari.

Our research activities are carried out jointly with a wide network of internationally renowned research institutions and industrial partnerships, and are funded broadly by the major national and European research agencies and funding bodies.

For an updated list of funded international projects of the Department click here [IT].

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