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LINGUA INGLESE - ESAME - Cognomi A-La : Fair Trade Exercises

Data pubblicazione: 28/03/2014

Dear All,

The following material is now available on my homepage:

1) Answers to the exercises on the International Trading Environment.

2) The PP slides with information regarding the written and oral exams (under Lesson 11).

3) The exercises for the lesson "Fair Trade" on Monday 31 March.


Data pubblicazione: 22/04/2014

The exams will be organized as follows:

First Appello: Written exam: Tuesday 13 May 14:00 Aula 7A - Oral exams: Thursday 15/05 and Friday 16/05 (all day; Aula 9C);  Monday 19/05 (morning only; Aula 7B)

Second appello: Written exam: Tuesday 3 June 9:00 Aula 4A - Oral exams: Friday 6/06 and Monday 9/06 (all day; Aula 3B); Tuesday 10 June (morning only; Aula 3A)
On the day of the written exam you will be able to choose the day and a time slot for your oral exam. 
Please note that you must pass the written exam to be admitted to the oral exam.
Unlike last year, you may enrol for the second appello if you do not pass the first appello.
Students intending to graduate in June, must enrol for the first appello.

LINGUA INGLESE - ESAME - Cognomi A-La : Class material - Exercises for Expo 15

Data pubblicazione: 22/04/2014

The exercises for the lesson on Monday 28 April on Expo 2015 can now be downloaded from my homepage.

The answers to the exercises on Labour Economics and other lesson material have also been published.


Ricevimento MILES May-June 2014

Data pubblicazione: 22/04/2014

Please note that Monday 28 April (Stanza W, S. Giobbe, 12:15 - 13:15) will be the last Ricevimento of the 4th Period.

Ricevimento on Friday 9 May (Studio Docenti, Palazzo Moro) is by appointment only and is designated to either thesis supervision students or those who will be taking the last and final part of the oral exam.  

For anyone wishing to speak to me before the first appello on 13 May, Ricevimento will be on Monday 12 May at 9:30, Stanza W, S. Giobbe.

There will be a further Ricevimento on Friday 30 May at 9:30, Stanza W, S. Giobbe, before the second appello on 3 June.


LINGUA INGLESE - ESAME - Cognomi A-La : Labour Economics Exercises

Data pubblicazione: 11/04/2014

 The exercises are now ready to be downloaded for the lesson on Monday 14 April. 


Data pubblicazione: 06/04/2014

 Please contact me for an appointment if you have done ALL of the following:

- you attended a written exam preparation course in either the third or fourth period with Prof Severi or Prof Mangilli Climpson;

- you took the written exam at the end of the course and passed;

- you have already passed the first part of the oral exam (graph description) and now need only to do the second part of the oral exam, based on the themes in the dispensa.

You do not need to contact me if you already have an appointment with me on Monday 7 April or Friday 9 May. 

LINGUA INGLESE - ESAME - Cognomi A-La : Lesson 13 The Stock Exchange

Data pubblicazione: 04/04/2014

You can now download the material on The Stock Exchange to work on in class this Monday.

The answers to the Fair Trade exercises will be published over the weekend.

Materiali I.S.A.


Didattica a.a. 2013/2014 suddivisa per corsi di laurea


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