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The Department's scientific activities involve four main macro-areas:

  1. grammars of the single languages (included in the languages listed above), as a means to exploring the human mind and social context; the study of language change in time and language acquisition (mother tongue, second languages, foreign, ethnic and classical languages), both in situations of 'normality' and of deafness and linguistic disability; teaching of languages as a communication tool adapting to different situations and cultures; the development of themes and research based on new technologies;
  2. the analysis and interpretation of various types of texts in foreign languages, which convey an extraordinary range of meanings making them an essential instrument for understanding specific cultures and traditions;
  3. the comparative study of foreign literature, within a national and transnational space; of the dynamics of literary genres, also considered in terms of their relations with other expressive codes; of relations between literature, culture, society, and political and economic spheres;
  4. study of history, languages, societies, cultures, religions and political practices as aspects of international relations and communication systems, where linguistic factors play important roles in the development of social, institutional and economic networks.

Research Areas

  • American language and literature
  • Archaeology and the arts
  • Computer science
  • Cultural heritage
  • Cultural studies
  • Economics
  • European language and literature
  • History and anthropology
  • International relations and history
  • Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Performance arts
  • Philology and language
  • Philosophy and social sciences
  • Postcolonial studies
  • Religions and philosophies

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