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Meeting and event spaces

Ca’ Foscari offers its venues, true historical, artistic, cultural and architectural “gems” found in the heart of Venice, to external bodies and institutions. The Mario Baratto Teaching Room, the Santa Margherita Auditorium and other locations may become, in this way, the ideal setting for all  cultural, scientific, teaching events as well as for courses, press conferences, formal dinners,  conventions and corporate or private events.

University spaces are available for hire by both University groups and external users on weekdays and/or public holidays, evenings and on multiple days. It is also possible to combine the hire and use of more than one venue to better satisfy event and activity needs.


Lecture Rooms

For more information on availability and fees, and support in the choice of the best venue:

To reserve the use of lecture rooms: please contact the University Space Management Office

To reserve the use of venues or ask for options or estimates as an External User: please contact the University Space Management Office

To reserve the use of venues as an Internal User (Department, Teaching and non teaching staff of Ca' Foscari University of Venice, etc.): please use the application Reservation of venues

To cancel a reservation: please contact the University Space Management Office


Wi-Fi zone

In order to organise an event offering participants the possibility of Wi-Fi access, you need to contact the Logistics office and provide them with the following information:

  • Event code: a very brief description of the event (just a few characters)
  • Description of the event: detailed description of the event
  • Event manager: the event manager will be responsible for creating passwords and authenticating users. The managers will also act as liaison in case of improper use of the network by users, and will answer for failure to check/enter ID data for the individual users. If necessary, managers may revoke users' right to Wi-Fi access.
  • Event start and end date: dates cannot be changed once communicated.

The event manager will receive an email with login and password necessary to access the procedures creating temporary users (described below).

How to create temporary users: normal mode

Go to the following page: http://intra.unive.it/phpapps/umanag/guest/ticket_admin.php and authenticate yourself using the credentials that will be sent to you by ASIT.

After authentication, just click on the "Add a user" link and fill in form with information requested (all fields are compulsory).

Note that newly created users will not automatically be active, and you will need to activate them (preferably, although not necessarily, after checking that information corresponds to information listed on ID) by clicking on the "Enable" link next to the user name.

Once activated, users may use their credentials.

To provide credentials, print the relative form (available in Italian and English) by clicking on "New Password".
Note that a new password will be generated every time a request is made to print credentials!

How to create temporary users: users requesting an account

Should it prove too complicated to create accounts for all participants, an alternative is to email delegates the following link: http://intra.unive.it/phpapps/umanag/guest/ticket_user.php?evento=<codice evento>

This page allows users to register their own data, receive their credentials via email and create their own account.

The Event Manager will be responsible for activating the accounts generated by means of this procedure (preferably after checking that information corresponds to information on ID) by means of the interface and procedures described above.

How to create temporary users: sending credentials via text message

This procedure is particularly useful in case of "last-minute arrivals" or delegates who have not had the opportunity to register.

Provided these delegates have a cell phone with an Italian service provider, they can obtain their credentials by texting wifi <codice evento> (charged as per the user's rate plan) to +39 339 9941246. They will receive a text reply with their credentials, which can be used without the need for activation by the event manager. In this case no further ID information is requested, because already linked to the mobile number supplied by each single user.

How do temporary users access Wi-Fi

After receiving their credentials, users must follow the procedure below (the consolidated practice in conferences):

  1. Connect your device to the University Wi-Fi network (the network name starts with Unive_WiFi).
  2. Go to your browser and ask to open a page at random. After selecting the link Conference guest access here from the Ca' Foscari Wi-Fi portal page, you will be asked for your username and password.
  3. Once you have logged in, minimise the connection page to an icon. You can now access the network.

Temporary users accessing the Internet are also required to comply with the university data transmission regulations (Regolamento per l'utilizzo di computer e reti di trasmissione dati).

Technical assistance

Aula multimediale

Lecture rooms

Personnel at the reception desk will provide assistance with the use of the multimedia equipment supplied in classrooms, as specified by the guidelines of the existing contract.

The personnel on duty will provide information on the location of the rooms and provide basic assistance to ensure the activation and setup of the equipment supplied for autonomous use by the applicant.

Reception rooms

In the reception rooms, technical support for the use of the multimedia equipment as specified in the basic setup is provided differently; in this regard, please refer to the description found on the corresponding web page of each individual reception area for further details.

Supplemental technical support

If supplementary technical support is required, either upon request of the user or if deemed necessary by the university, this service will be provided by the company 3P Technologies Srl as part of the maintenance contract stipulated for multimedia equipment.

Such technical support, which shall be at the expense of the user, is provided at fixed hourly rates by a specialized technical support operator fully able to satisfy the technical requirements associated with the organization and the management of multiple types of activities and events.

The rates, which are the full responsibility of the user, for such interventions are as follows:

  • Half Day EUR 180.00 + VAT (maximum 4 hours)
  • Whole Day EUR 280.00 + VAT (maximum 8 hours)
  • Extra hours EUR 50.00 + VAT

These rates apply to weekdays and weekends, both daytime and evening hours.

Multimedia equipment loan

Upon reservation, it is possible to request from the University Space Management Office the option of having on loan the following equipment.

  • 2 pairs of active speakers , each with a wired microphone and floor stands
  • 1 pair of active speakers with a wired microphone
  • 1 active speaker with a wireless microphone and a floor stand
  • 1 audio mixer TASCAM M-1016
  • 2 portable video projectors
  • 1 roll up screen with tripod measuring 2x2 metres
  • 1 pantograph screen measuring 2,32x2,06 metres

The office, after having verified the availability, will confirm the reservation to the applicant.


"The University: where tradition meets modernity" brochure

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"Venues and spaces at Ca' Foscari for your events in Venice" brochure [IT-EN]

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Technical specifics MC - La Guida 2013

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Regulations, fees and guidelines

Regulations for temporary use of University rooms and spaces

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Fees for the use of Ca' Foscari venues

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Guidelines for the use of Ca' Foscari venues

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Forms and declarations

Form for requesting the use of University spaces and locations

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Educational interest declaration for external structure event [IT-EN]

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Declaration for use and booking of University venues [IT-EN]

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Multimedia equipment

Form for installing multimedia equipment [IT-EN]

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Form for loan of multimedia equipment [IT-EN]

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Additional documents

Data for the event planner


The University: where tradition meets modernity


Historical seats of Ca' Foscari University



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