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Pacioli Award 2014 to Simon Levin



Simon Levin, a Biologist from Princeton University, has won the 2014 Pacioli Award, assigned each year by Ca’ Foscari University’s Pacioli Award Commission.

Levin is one of the world’s leading experts on the relationships between ecological systems and socio-economical mechanisms and has received numerous accolades for his work. Among his research areas are biological diversity, ecosystems, and the evolution of the relationship between ecology and economy through the realisation of mathematical models.


Details of the ceremony during which Professor Levin will receive the award will be confirmed shortly.

Pacioli Award:
The “Luca Pacioli” award was established by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in order to formally recognise distinguished figures in the sciences, economics, arts and literature, who stand out in a particular field of study taught at Ca’ Foscari, and who have integrated solid interdisciplinary value within their research.

The reference to Luca Pacioli – a Renaissance humanist (philosopher, mathematician, expert on economic and financial matters) who was of great importance in the history and culture of the Veneto, and in Venice in particular - highlights the broad range of expertise and interdisciplinary relationships that the award aims to acknowledge.

The award is envisaged as a recognition of the efforts of scholars, artists, economists and scientists whose work has received prominent international acclaim and recognition (awards, visibility, funding, publications, notable appointments, honorary positions). It acknowledges in particular the international and interdisciplinary character of their research, that is, work carried out within various cultural contexts, as well as the contribution made not only within their field of study, but that has potentially expanded into one or more other disciplines.

Each Department at Ca’ Foscari has the possibility of putting forward a candidate, either an individual or as a collaboration with other Departments. The Commission is formed of five Ca’ Foscari Faculty members and has the role of selecting the leading candidate after examining all applications. The motivation for the award winner is provided by the Commission to the Research Area, and is approved by Rector's Decree.

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