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Successful debut for PISE: almost 200 students enroled



Ca’ Foscari’s new Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, International Studies and Economics (PISE), has obtained an outstanding success in its first edition, activated for the academic year 2015/2016: a total of 178 students (from 18 different countries) have enroled in the 1st year of the English-taught degree programme by the closing date of the enrolment period (September 30th).

The exceptional result is due to the quality of the programme, the first of its kind to be offered in Italy, patterned after the Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE) course taught at the University of Oxford. Students of PISE will acquire basic knowledge in the three main areas of philosophy, economics and international studies; analytic and critical skills to approach topics and domains of inquiry in an interdisciplinary fashion and with a wide frame of reference; and awareness of the practical implications that studying philosophy, economics and international studies has for the understanding of the world we live in.

We talked about the successful recruitment campaign of PISE with Matteo Legrenzi, Teaching Committee coordinator of the programme:

Prof. Legrenzi, did you expect such a success with the admissions to the PISE?
The program is based on the tried and tested PPE model so I surmised it would be successful. This said, the enthusiastic response flattered me and the other colleagues on the teaching committee. Italian students seem to have understood that courses such as PISE are in their long term interest.

Could you outline the Key Points of the marketing and communication strategy?
Yes, we relied heavily on social media without of course neglecting traditional open days in school and orientation events at the university. As many international universities demonstrated, though, as well as the Obama presidential campaigns, social media is the future in terms of both marketing and communication.

Are you satisfied with the National/international student ratio?
Not yet, while we have students hailing from 18 countries we need to increase the number of international students. As Louise Richardson, the new vice-chancellor of Oxford University recently put it "a situation in which nobody shares your assumptions, every shibboleth is subject to scepticism and the holder of every opinion is respected, is what education is all about.” We need more international students not just because of the ministerial incentives to achieve that but because they enrich and enhance the educational experience of everyone at our institution.

On which international network of universities can PISE rely on?
So far we are relying on the many contacts of the first rate faculty teaching our course, who after all have not only to be able but be willing to teach in English. However, this ad hoc arrangement is being quickly substituted by a number of formal agreements, chiefly dedicated Erasmus exchanges, but also more complex systemic agreements.


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