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In the wake of plastics: international conference on sea waste



From October 13th – 15th, the international conference “In the Wake of Plastics” will be taking place at the Centro Culturale Don Orione Artigianelli in Venice. The conference is organised by the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage and will focus on sea refuse in the Adriatic, a theme which is tightly linked to Expo-Venezia.

Millions of tonnes of plastic waste is dumped into our seas every year. Research carried out by the IPA-Adriatic DeFishGear highlights how the plague of plastic refuse has become a major problem for the survival of certain living species, for the conservation of the marine environment and even for human health in some cases. The conference will hold seminars and round table discussions which will all systematically face the issues surrounding sea waste in the Adriatic.


On Wednesday 14th don't miss 'The wake of plastic @ the fish market', a collateral event at Rialto's fish market. At 5 pm the evening starts with marine stories for children and families, curated by the association Barchetta Blu, who will distribute the 'Wake of plastic' memory game. AT 6 pm the topic of marine waste on Italian north-eastern shores will be discussed during the event 'Adriatic sea on screen: what you 'sea' is what you get'. At 7 pm the evening ends with a musical performance 'DeFish music' by the ensemble Elettrofoscari.


The themes to be covered are:

  • management and legislation
  • environmental and socio-economic impact
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • microplastics
  • ghost nets
  • prevention strategies

Through the participation of internationally well-known speakers, the conference “In the Wake of Plastics” aims to emphasise the need for change, and for heightened awareness of this environmental issue amongst all of us, from researchers to fishers, to common citizens.

Among the international experts who will be speaking are:

Dr. F. Galgani – IFREMER – Laboratoire Environnement Ressources Provence-Azur-Corse, Bastia, France
Asst. Prof. H. Karapanagioti– Department of Chemistry, University of Patras – Patras, Greece
Prof. Dr. A.A. B. Koelmans – Wageningen University and the Marine Institute for Ecosystem Studies (IMARES), Wageningen, Holland
Prof. Dr. C. Laforsch - FakultätfürBiologie, Chemie und Geowissenschaften, Bayreuth University, Bayreuth, Germany

For further information see the website: http://virgo.unive.it/wakeofplastics/

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