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San Giobbe, restored the old Mulini Passuello area



Ca’ Foscari University’s Economics campus at San Giobbe is expanding: due to the urban restructuring that has just been completed in the area of the old Mulini Passuello, and in addition to the nearby already restored areas of the former Macello, the Campus now covers over 19,000 square metres allowing for the entire area of Economics at the University to be logistically united in one building.

The classrooms, study rooms, offices, laboratories, libraries and services for the Department of Economics and the Department of Management have now been completely reunited, following the transfer of the legal studies section from Ca’ Bottacin to San Giobbe. The old Mulini area also offers a 2,000 square metre garden.

The final stage of the Economics campus at San Giobbe will be the student residence which is to be located in a 4,000 square metre area on the western facing corner of the lagoon, at “Rio della Crea”. The residence is expected to be financed by the MIUR (Ministry of Education) and will have 225 places for accommodation. The upcoming works on the connecting bridge with the train station will facilitate access to and use of the Campus.

The new Campus spaces will be inaugurated Friday October 16th at 5 pm in Aula Magna upon invitation.

Michele Bugliesi, Rector of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Vittorio Spigai, Project Designer
Elisa De Berti, Cabinet Member for public works, infrastructure and transport in the Veneto region
Luigi Brugnaro, Mayor of Venice
The Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, is expected to be present.

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