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EXPO, video-interpreters for Italian Sign Language thanks to VEASYT


A video-interpretation service in Italian Sign Language (LIS) is available for the deaf and hearing impaired who are visiting EXPO Milano 2015 thanks to the Ca’ Foscari spin-off VEASYT.

The service is available from the four ticket offices, the six EXPO info-points and the Disability Expofacile info-point placed in various locations at the Cascina Triulza, and at the EXPO Gate in Piazza Cairoli in Milan.

The innovative professional video-interpretation service, VEASYT Live!, can be used away from computers and tablets, in vocal languages and in LIS. A professional interpreter is linked remotely by video-conference, allowing for perfect communication between those who hear and those who are deaf and use LIS.

VEASYT srl is a spin-off company from Ca’ Foscari’s Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Linguistics. The Department is unique in Italy and offers three year degree programmes as well as specialist studies on deafness, language difficulties and Italian Sign Language. The spin-off is backed by the Innovation Factory at AREA Science Park in Trieste, and develops digital solutions to help break down linguistic barriers and to encourage social inclusion of citizens speaking a foreign language, citizens with sensorial disabilities (deafness, blindness and partial sightedness) and language impediments (dyslexia, aphasia) so as to facilitate full access to contents and information. In addition to VEASYT Live!, VEASYT also produces cultural multimedia guides for everyone, VEASYT Tour, which serve as a unique tool for visitors in search of culture, including foreigners or visitors with language difficulties.

The service is available at the EXPO 7 days a week from 9:30am until 9pm. For further information have a look at their blog, or write to info@veasyt.com.

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