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D. Ceschin, La condizione delle donne profughe

La condizione delle donne profughe e dei bambini dopo Caporetto, di Daniele Ceschin


The invasion of Friuli and Veneto after the Battle of Caporetto forced at least 600,000 civilians, mostly women and children to escape. Given the considerable numbers of  females, it would be more appropriate to talk about women refugees instead of simply refugees. Theirs was a very hard and challenging experience, because of the material and  working conditions, and because of the management of the household. Not to mention the strong prejudice against female refugees, which set limits to any kind of social relationship. Most children reached their destinations in very poor health, and a large number died during the journey. Even though kindergartens, schools, workshops, recreation centres and summer camps were set up to take care of child refugees, we must draw a line between those who benefited from these institutions and those – the majority – who were hosted in rural areas and underwent discrimination, as did the adults.  They were forced into hard work and could not attend school regularly.


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