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Imagining, Sketching, and Prototyping Sound


Speaker: ​Davide Rocchesso, IUAV University of Venice
Date: 4 March 2016, 2:30 pm
Venue: European Centre for Living Technology - San Marco 2940


At the roots of computer music there is the utopian expectation that "there are no theoretical limitations... as a source of musical sounds" [Mathews, 1963]. For many years the limitations seemed to be only of practical and technological nature, but we are now persuaded that the most important and severe constraints are to be found in humans, and in their perception-action cognitive associations. The voice, as a readily-available sound generator, is being used as a probe to study sound perception and cognition, and is being exploited as a sketching tool for sound design. We can more easily imagine what we have experience of, and with voice and gesture we can turn sonic imaginations into sensible entities, yet grounded on perception-action experience. The seminar will go through some experimental results of the ongoing FET-Open Project SkAT-VG, in the areas of perception, machine learning, and interaction design.

Bio sketch

Davide Rocchesso received the Ph.D. degree from the University of Padova, Italy in 1996. He is associate professor at the Iuav University of Venice, Italy. He has been the coordinator of EU project SOb (the Sounding Object), and local coordinator of the EU project CLOSED (Closing the Loop Of Sound Evaluation and Design) and of the Coordination Action S2S^2 (Sound-to-Sense; Sense-to-Sound). He has been chairing the COST Action IC-0601 SID (Sonic Interaction Design), and he is now coordinating the EU project SkAT-VG (Sketching Audio Technologies using Vocalizations and Gestures).


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