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I bambini italiani nella Shoah

I bambini italiani nella Shoah. La persecuzione antisemita in Italia, di Sara Valentina Di Palma


After a general introduction on the peculiar characteristics of the Fascist persecution, figures are briefly given referring to the Jewish deportation from Italy in comparison with other European countries, underlining how a more detailed and effective help was provided, in other countries at least for the children. A reconstruction of the specific modalities of the discrimination and racial persecution, as well as of the perceptions engraved in the infantile mind, are obtained through unpublished interviews of several people who survived persecution and deportation and were very young children at the time of those tragic events. During the interviews it can be observed how the witnesses generally consider the narration of their vicissitudes concludes with the beginning of the post-war period.  Only under specific request do they face themes linked to their return and to the difficulties of the reconstruction, while the issue of talking about the Shoah with their children seems to be a still too painful topic to be tackled. What emerges is how the right to remembrance imposes itself against the long desired silence of society, above all with respect to infancy, in the mistaken belief that children are too young to have memories of their own, while the same experiences lived by children during the persecution imply an accelerated psychological maturity, if compared to the evolution of their contemporaries under normal situations, which represent a further factor in support of the elaboration of a precise and conscious memory.


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