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Data science for travel, tourism, and culture


The university Master's in Data science for travel, tourism and culture is a professional and personal development programme aimed at training people able to introduce and manage the most recent innovations in the digital economy into the travel, tourism and culture sector. The main attributes of the course are:

  • development of individual capabilities and professional skills: students embark on a high level post-graduate training programme and career orientation process. The technical skills provided by the Master's will enable the student to manage and analyse large quantities of data for the purposes of providing essential elements for the design of new products and forms of fruition, new ways of analysing and managing demand in the tourism and cultural sector with its different types and profiles and new forms of communications and distribution; to contribute to creating new business opportunities for travel and tourism companies and organisations and institutions in the cultural sector; to support the organisation and coordination of the companies themselves - the course also develops top level management, modelling and problem-solving skills - a complete scenario of the corporate context in which the students will be working, the differences and logics guiding the various types of business in the sectors concerned and an awareness of the objectives of the data collection and processing, allowing students to interact effectively with managers in public and private tourism and cultural sector companies;
  • the ability to manage project-based activities with a high level of autonomy;
  • a connection with the world of work: the classroom contact with company testimonials, project development based on case studies, interviews and internships allow students to start building, or orienting, their career path;
  • an international perspective: a particular feature of the course will be the contribution of lecturers from the most prestigious foreign universities, the presence of students from other countries and the possibility of an internship abroad - a "hands-on data" approach. The Master's will take the form of a permanent workshop where students will be invited to apply the knowledge acquired immediately to resolve case studies proposed from day one in collaboration with partner companies;
  • a connection with research, enabling students to remain constantly up-to-date and focussed on the new orientations in the sector.

The Master's will include face-to-face and interactive lessons, company testimonials, project work, field activities, case studies and workshops.

The period of classroom learning will be followed by an internship in leading private and public companies in the sector to complete the high-level training offered by the Master's.

Professional profiles

The Master's develops the skills needed to enter the Italian and international private and public tourism and culture system in the fields of:

  • Data science, analysis and engineering
  • Revenue management
  • Demand management
  • IT management and development in a range of different corporate and institutional contexts in the sector, including:
  • IT solutions and distribution for the travel industry
  • Online travel agencies
  • Hotels
  • Business travel agencies
  • airline companies
  • shipping companies
  • cruise companies
  • tourism consultancy and service companies
  • web agencies
  • app development or other services for tourism
  • companies in the shared economy
  • public sector (DMOs, agencies, public administrations)
  • museum, cultural production and event organisation systems

The course provides technical and project management skills and supports students in identifying which career profile is most suitable for their particular characteristics. The tutorship is focussed on advising students and orienting them towards companies according to their personal aptitudes and abilities.

Language: the course is taught in English

Available places: 15

Duration of the programme: one year

Period: January - December 2018

Teaching method: Formal lectures

Location: Venice/Treviso

Deadline for application submission: to be defined

Enrolment fees: € 12.000

Grants/scholarships: full or partial scholarships covering the registration fee, if given, will be provided by the institution of the instructor

Teaching office: Tutor, mtourism@unive.it

Information: Ca’ Foscari Challenge School, master.challengeschool@unive.it

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