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Sustainable Nanotechnology School - first edition

1st Sustainable Nanotechnology School:

Understanding the environmental, health and safety implications of manufactured nanomaterials to foster their sustainable applications:

A COST MODENA, SUN and Guidenano training school


University Ca' Foscari Venice (Italy)
Sunday 11th - Friday 16th January 2015



Ca' Foscari Challenge School
Leitat Technological Center
The REACH Centre

Supporting projects

EU FP7 Sustainable Nanotechnologies (SUN)
EU FP7 Sustainable Nanotechnologies (SUN)

Supporting partner

NIA, Nanotechnology Industry Association

School purpose

The achievement of safe nanoproducts requires an understanding of the properties, biological interactions, fate, risks and environmental impacts of manufactured nanomaterials.
The Sustainable Nanotechnology School aims to transfer the state of the art knowledge on these aspects from key experts to the new generation nano environmental, health and safety (EHS) professionals. In order to do so the school will highlight the best available experimental and modeling approaches and practices for physicochemical characterization, (eco)toxicity testing, exposure, risk, and lifecycle assessment of nanotechnologies, taking various stakeholder perspectives and ethical issues into account. The course is structured to balance breadth and depth in these diverse topics, as well as build an integrative understanding of them, while providing an interactive learning environment and direct access to key experts from Europe and the United States.
The Sustainable Nanotechnology School is organized in the frame of the major EU FP7 projects SUN and GUIDEnano and the MODENA Cost Action.

Target audience

The 1st Sustainable Nanotechnology School is especially designed for personnel from research and academic institutions as well as from industry, governmental agencies and hospital departments. The School is aimed at senior researchers, young scientists, PhD students and in fact anyone dealing with nanosciences, nanotechnologies and risk assessment of nanotechnology.

Scientific Committee

  • Antonio Marcomini, University Ca' Foscari (Venice, Italy)
  • Danail Hristozov, University Ca' Foscari (Venice, Italy)
  • Lang Tran, Institute for Occupational Health (Edinburgh, UK)
  • Socorro Vázquez-Campos, LEITAT Technological Center (Barcelona, Spain)

Organizing Committee

  • Vrishali Subramanian, University Ca' Foscari (Venice, Italy)
  • Sara Alba, University Ca' Foscari (Venice, Italy)
  • Judith Friesl, The REACH Centre (Lancaster, UK)
  • Stella Stoycheva, The REACH Centre (Lancaster, UK)
  • Amro Satti, LEITAT Technological Center (Barcelona, Spain)

Invited speakers

International experts from Europe and the United States has been invited. Download the detailed programme (currently being updated).

School programme and course organization

The school programme will focus on six main subjects:

  • (Eco)toxicological Risk Assessment
  • Exposure Assessment and Monitoring
  • Life Cycle Impact Assessment of nanomaterials
  • Safe-by-Design nanomanufacturing
  • Industrial and Regulatory Perspectives on Nanotechnology
  • Ethical issues in nanotechnology

Each speaker will hold a lesson, followed by a discussion. All school materials will be provided one week before the school starts.

School certificates

Each participant will be given a Certificate of Attendance on successful completion of the School.

School registration and payment

To register to the school, please fill in the registration form. The registration is complete after you have sent a copy of the payment confirmation from your bank to corsi.challengeschool@unive.it.

Registration fee

The registration fees include: School participation, course materials (slides, reference papers, journal club articles), welcome cocktail, lunches, coffee breaks and a social event. Hotel booking and dinners are not included.

In respect of many requests received, the organization decided to extend the registration deadline to November 20th 2014 with a little increase of the price (10%).


Late price
Deadline: Nov 20th
(VAT included)

Full price
Deadline: Oct 21st
(VAT included)

Discounted price (*)
Deadline: Oct 10th
(VAT included)

Industries & Governmental Agencies

1320 €

1200 €

1080 €

Academic and/or Medical Staff, NIA members

990 €

900 €

810 €

PhD students and Post-Docs

770 €

700 €

630 €

Attendees from participating projects (SUN, GUIDE nano and MODENA Cost) and SCI members (Società Chimica Italiana)

660 €

600 €

540 €

(*) Early registration discount of 10%


  • 10 October 2014: Early Registration Deadline (Discount of 10%)
  • 31 October 2014: Registration Deadline
  • 20 November 2014: Late Registration Deadline


The cancellation deadline is 21 November 2014, after which date the fees paid will not be returned. In case of cancellation, immediately contact the School Administrative Office (corsi.challengeschool@unive.it). If the notice is received before November 21 2014, 90% of the fee will be refunded.

School location

The 1st edition of the school will take place in Venice (Italy). The lectures will be held at a historical auditorium Santa Margherita, which is located in the heart of the city.The main lecture room is equipped with Wi-Fi.


How to reach and leave Venice & the School venue

Please download the Travel Guidance.


Please contact Ca' Foscari Challenge School (contact information below) for information on the accomodation options.


Technical and administrative secretariat:

Ca' Foscari Challenge School
Elisabetta Beda
e-mail: corsi.challengeschool@unive.it
tel.: +39 041 234 6858 - 6853
fax: +39 041 234 6941


Sara Alba
e-mail: sara.alba@unive.it
tel.: +39 041 234 8951

Stella Stoycheva
e-mail: ​s.stoycheva@sun-fp7.eu
tel.: +39 331 762 7613

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