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Bibliographies of general linguistics

Linguistic subfields: Applied linguistics - Computational linguisticsInteractional linguistics - Morphology - Semantics - Syntax 

Linguistic geographical areas and familiesAfrican languages - Algonquian languages - Altaic languages - Chukotko-kamchatkan languages - Dravidian languagesPolynesian languages - Romance languages - Salishan Languages - Slavic languages - South Asian Languages - Tibeto-Burman languages

Single languagesBalochi - Chinese - Hmong - Nootka - Palauan - Turkish 

Specific subjectsDiscourse analysis - Lexicology/Lexicography - Sign languages  

Bibliographies of general linguistics

  • Bibliography of linguistic literature - Bibliographie Linguistischer Literatur
    This bibliography, compiled by the Special Collection Linguistics at the University Library of Frankfurt/Main, is the online version of "Bibliographie linguistischer Literatur : BLL : Bibliographie zur allgemeinen Linguistik und zur anglistischen, germanistischen und romanistischen Linguistik = Bibliography of linguistic literature Bibliography of Linguistic Literature (BLL)", published since the 70s by Klostermann Editor. It is one of the major sources of information on the internet for general linguistics including neighbouring disciplines and subdomains as well as for English, German and Romance linguistics. BLL is a pay resource bibliography, but free access to its archive is possible for the period between 1971 and 1995 (this means that about 180,000 titles out of 366,000 are available). The bibliography lists journal articles, articles of conference proceedings, and other collective works as well as monographs, dissertations, and Festschrifts. As far as the years 1971-1975 are concerned, the online version of BLL only contains non-monographic publications.
  • Bibliography of Literary Theory, Criticism and Philology 15th ed. (2010)
    This is a bibliography of literary studies, criticism and philology, listing over 250,000 items (books, book chapters, articles, films, websites, etc.), with a main focus on English-speaking authors and criticism or literary theory written in English. There are howerer also many listings on linguistics, cultural studies, discourse analysis, and other philological subjects. The site includes basic bibliographical information on several thousand authors, critical schools, literary and linguistic concepts, and other subjects. Systematic work on this bibliography began in 1989 thanks to José Angel García Landa (Universidad de Zaragoza).
  • LinguistList Bibliographies 
    The LINGUIST List is dedicated to providing information on language and language analysis, and to providing the discipline of linguistics with the infrastructure necessary to function in the digital world. Its website provides a list of 50 alphabetized bibliographies, which can be searchable by subject language, by linguistic subfield, or by language family.
  • SIL Bibliography 
    Founded in Arkansas in 1934, SIL International (Summer Institute of Linguistics) is a faith-based non-profit organization committed to serving language communities worldwide as they build capacity for sustainable language development. SIL does this primarily through research, translation, training and materials development.
    The SIL Bibliography records works authored or edited by members of SIL International or produced by a publishing unit of SIL. It contains over 15,000 references to books, journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, and other academic papers about languages and cultures. The Bibliography also has about 9,500 references for materials written in the languages studied by SIL International. The materials in the Bibliography date from 1935 (right around the time that SIL was being organized) to the present. It is possible to search for resources by title Keywords, serial (journal name or book series name), country, subject or author.
  • TITUS (Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien) Bibliography of Comparative Indoeuropean Linguistics by Institute of Comparative Linguistics of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main, the Ústav starého Predního východu of Charles University, Prague, the Institut for Almen og Anvendt Sprogvidenskab of the University of Kopenhagen and the Departamento de Filología Clásica y Románica (Filología Griega) de la Universidad de Oviedo. In this server, which is an on-line database about Indo-European languages, provides an exhaustive archive containing scanned texts, maps, teaching materials, and links to external projects and associations, etc. Moreover, TITUS offers a bibliography containing information on publications (books, theses, articles) in the domain of comparative linguistics from 1996 onwards. This material is classed by family.


Linguistic subfields

Applied linguistics

  • Contrastive Linguistics : a selective bibliography
    This selective bibliography of publications in contrastive linguistics is the result of collaboration between the member research units of the CoLLaTE network. The basis for it was provided by two earlier bibliographies which were compiled independently by Bengt Altenberg (Lund) and Filip Devos (Gent). It cover material published between 1963 and 1997.
  • Second Language Acquisition Bibliography (SLABIB)
    This resource, created by Vivian Cook (Newcastle University), brings together about 7,000 references selected from all periods of SLA research, drawn from bibliographies, web-sources etc, emphasising older sources rather than the latest journals. There are currently two versions: Slabib 1.4 (from 1999 to 2005), and Slabib 4.0 (from 2007 to the present day).
  • UCLA Language Materials Project (LMP): teaching resources for less commonly taught languages 
    The UCLA Language Materials Project (LMP) is an on-line bibliographic database of teaching and learning materials for over 150 Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs). Funded by the US Department of Education's International Education and Research program, the LMP was created in 1992. The LMP provides full bibliographic information for each item in the database, including detailed annotations that describe the content and other features of the material. This is intended to help its users find the most appropriate materials to meet their individual teaching and learning needs. It is possible to search for resources by selecting the language, the material, or the learning level.


Computational linguistics


Interactional linguistics

  • Interactional Linguistics Bibliography 
    by Sandra A. Thompson (University of California, SB). This website provides a lot of publications in interactional linguistics (conversation and grammar, cross-linguistic studies of morphosyntactic patterns, prosody, etc.) for all its users. The material covers the period between 1972 and 2002.




  • Agreement: A bibliography by Carole Tiberius, Greville Corbett, Julia Barron (Surrey Morphology Group). This bibliography is divided into 4 sections: it comprises collections and special issues devoted to agreement (section A), monograph-length studies of agreement, studies of agreement in particular languages (section B), articles and book chapters devoted to agreement (section C). There is a good deal of material on agreement in the Slavonic languages which is displayed in a separate section (D). The coverage is available until 2003.

Distributive Morphology

Lexical morphology






  • Lexical semantics bibliography 
    by Heidi Harley (University of Arizona).This bibliography provides its users with a list of material on lexical semantics (journal articles, book chapters, working papers, monographs, etc.), which was published between 1964 and 2001.








Noam Chomsky

  • Chomsky.info. Noam Chomsky's official website reports on all the publications devoted to and written by Noam Chomsky, and also all the bibliographical entries, which can be found under his name in dictionaries and encyclopaedias. In Chomsky.info it is also possible to find interviews, and other audiovisual material.

Polarity items

  • Polarity Items Bibliography (University of Tübingen). This bibliography is intended to collect scientific publications that are primarily concerned with Polarity Items. The bibliography is clearly biased towards publications on German, English and Dutch.

Time, Aspect, Action


  • Particle Verb Constructions: A Bibliography. Originally this bibliography was intended as the research project of the "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft" DFG. Nowadays, it reports all the publications devoted to Particle Verb Constructions (PVC) in English and German. The coverage is available between 1964 and 2002.


 Linguistic geographical areas and families

African languages

  • EBALL Electronic Bibliography for African Languages and Linguistics by Jouni F. Maho. EBALL, or Electronic Bibliography for African Languages and Linguistics, is a private, never-financed, long-term bibliography project with the sole aim of collecting bibliographical details for literature on and about African languages. EBALL currently contains some 59,000 fully indexed and partially annotated references. Roughly two-thirds (or c.37,000) deal with a specific linguistic aspect. In WEB-BALL (Web Bibliography of African Languages and Linguistics), by G. Segerer, 24,000 bibliographical entries of EBALL are reorganised and re-indexed. It is possible to search for resources by language, by title or by author.

Algonquian languages

Altaic languages

  • Tungusic by Tungusic Research Group at Dartmouth College

Chukotko-kamchatkan languages (Asia)

Dravidian languages

Romance languages

  • Comparative Romance Linguistics Bibliographies Electronic Version by Brian Imhoff (Department of Hispanic Studies, University College Station, Texas). At the moment (December 2009) the indexes of CRLB volumes (published from 1951 to 1965, and from 1985 to the present) are on-line. All articles are classed by year and by language.

Polynesian languages (Austronesian languages)

Salishan Languages

Slavic languages

South Asian Languages

Tibeto-Burman languages


Single languages








Specific subjects

Discourse analysis

  • Electronic bibliography on discourse analysis by Hélène Perdicoyianni-Paléologou. This bibliography is divided into 36 entries (Actant, actualization, anaphora, argumentation, deixis, inference, language code, etc.), each of which is classed by publication year.


  • Online-Bibliography of Electronic Lexicography (OBELEX) by Institut für Deutsche Sprache in Mannheim. In this systemically compiled bibliography, users may search for all publications from the field of electronic lexicography with a special focus on on-line lexicography. OBELEX includes all relevant articles, monographs, anthologies, and reviews since 2000 (among them International Journal of Lexicography, Lexicographica, Euralex-Proceedings, proceedings of the International Symposium on Lexicography) and also stores some older relevant works. In OBELEX, there is a wide range of search options: a full-text search and search by subject catalogue, persons, languages, or publication year.

Sign languages

  • International Bibliography of Sign Language by Guido Joachim, Siegmund Prillwitz, Thomas Hanke (University of Hamburg). The bibliography contains 44,000 titles of academic literature and 6,300 abstracts. It focuses primarily on modern sign language research. There is howerer a further section recording texts related to Deaf culture, to sign language interpreting, and to education of the deaf. The bibliography does not only refer to monographic books and readers, but also to articles in readers and journals.


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