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Competenze di ricerca

linguistica teorica

Parole Chiave
  • Humanities
Codice ATECO
  • [72] - ricerca scientifica e sviluppo

filologia germanica

Parole Chiave
  • Humanities
Codice ATECO
  • [72] - ricerca scientifica e sviluppo

sintassi, prosodia e pragmatica

Parole Chiave
  • Humanities
Codice ATECO
  • [72] - ricerca scientifica e sviluppo

Ricerche sviluppate e in corso

Word order variation and change in Germanic

  • L-LIN/14

Modal particles in Italian and German

Altri membri del gruppo di ricerca

Word order change and the development of determiners in Germanic and Romance languages

  • L-LIN/14
Altri membri del gruppo di ricerca


Word order Variation and Change in Germanic

Ente finanziatore
  • DFG
  • SFB
Ruolo nel progetto
  • PT
Sito di progetto
  • Berlino-Potsdam
Data inizio
  • Anno: 2011 Durata mesi: 48

Modal particles in German and Italian

Ente finanziatore
  • ZAS Berlin
  • progetto individuale
Ruolo nel progetto
  • PT
Sito di progetto
  • Berlino
Data inizio
  • Anno: 2011 Durata mesi: 24

Aree geografiche in cui si applica prevalentemente l'esperienza di ricerca

Internazionale: Europa, America Settentrionale

Lingue conosciute

  • tedesco (scritto: madrelingua, parlato: madrelingua)
  • inglese (scritto: avanzato, parlato: avanzato)
  • italiano (scritto: base, parlato: intermedio)

Pubblicazioni per Anno


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Curriculum di Roland HINTERHOLZL


Curriculum Vitae

                                                             Roland Hinterhölzl





Università Ca Foscari, Venezia

Professor for German linguistics

Ca‘ Bembo, Dorsoduro 1075

30123 Venezia

email: rolandh@unive.it

Telefon: +39 041 2345735

born: 9.3.1964 in Wels, Austria






since 9/2010               Associate Professor for German linguistics, Ca Foscari, Venezia


10/2009-2/2010          Guest Professor for German Linguistics, University of Vienna


July 2008                    Habilitation for General and German Linguistics, Humboldt-University of Berlin


3/2007-3/2010            member of the network “historical syntax” financed by the DFG


7/2003-7/2010            Project leader in the SFB-Project “The Role of Information-structure

                                   in the Development of Word order Regularities in Germanic”


since 1/2001               Assistant Professor at the Humboldt-University in Berlin

                                   Department of German linguistics


1998-2000                  Postdoctoral position at the Humboldt University in Berlin

                                   Graduate Program: Economy & Complexity in Language


1994-1998                  University of Southern California, Department of Linguistics

                                   PhD. Dissertation

1992-1994                  University of Southern California, Department of Linguistics

                                   MA in Linguistics

1990-1992                  University of Vienna

                                   Master in Philosophy

1984-1988                  University of Vienna

                                   BA in General Linguistics and Computational Linguistics



Title:                Studies on basic word order, word order variation and change in Germanic

Committee:     Prof. Karin Donhauser, Prof. Günther Grewendorf, Prof. Manfred Krifka

Ph.D. Dissertation

Title:               Restructuring Infinitives and the Theory of Complementation

Committee:     Barry Schein (chair), Joseph Aoun, Hilda Koopman, Jean Roger Vergnaud

Academic Awards

1990-1991      "Diplomstipendium" by the Austrian Federal Government

1997-1998      University of Southern California Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Award

March 99        elected member in USC’s oldest all-University honor society Phi Kappa Phi

Professional Experience

2/89-8/90        scientific employee in the Project LILOG (linguistic and logical tools for text                            understanding) at the Scientific Center of IBM Germany, Stuttgart

9/90-5/91        diploma-program of IBM Germany in Stuttgart, supported by a diploma-                                  stipend from the Austrian Federal Government

2/92-8/92        visiting scientist in the Project LMT (lexical-based machine translation) at the                Scientific Center of IBM Germany, Heidelberg


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