Bridge Term for Master's students

The School for international Education offers a Bridge Term for students with an undergraduate degree who wish to obtain additional university credits or language requirements necessary for enrolling in a ”Laurea magistrale (masters’ degree) at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

The Bridge Term is offered over the summer, from August 21st until September 15th, and is designed for both international and Italian students who wish to develop their academic preparation before carrying out their graduate studies.

Who should take the Bridge Term?

  • Students who have an undergraduate degree which meets the requirements for their Master’s degree, but who are changing their academic focus and would like to develop their background in the subject area they intend to enrol in
  • Students whose undergraduate degree does not meet the requirements for their Master’s degree and wish to expand their knowledge in the subject area they intend to enrol in
  • Students whose undergraduate degree meets the requirements for their Master’s degree, but who would like to broaden their academic background by studying on the Ca’ Foscari campus in Venice before beginning

Summer 2017

The 2017 Bridge Term offers academic development for the following Master’s degree programmes at Ca’ Foscari:

  • Accounting and finance (Amministrazione, finanza e controllo) – Business Administration concentration
  • Business administration (Economia e gestione delle aziende) – International Management concentration
  • Marketing and communication (Marketing e comunicazione) – Innovation and Marketing concentration
  • Economics and Finance – curriculum QEM and Finance
  • Comparative International Relations – (Relazioni internazionali comparate)

Subject areas

Each course runs for 30 hours, including a final exam.

The final exam is held at the end of the course and successful completion will give the student 6 credits, necessary to fulfill the curricular requirements expected for the chosen master's degree programme.


(Basic) Quantitative tools

30 hours, 6 Credits (SECS-S/01 or SECS-S/06)


  • Linear, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic models
  • Introduction to vectors and matrices; solution of simple linear systems
  • Calculus, differentiation of real functions, graphs and diagrams
  • Basic optimization (fist order conditions)
  • The notion of random variable, mean and variance


Introduction to law

30 hours, 6 Credits (IUS 01, IUS 02, IUS 13, IUS 14, or IUS 21)


  • An overview of the Italian legal and judicial system
  • Sources of law
  • Italian Constitution and EU Treaty
  • The Civil Code
  • Fundamentals of contract law
  • Fundamentals of business law
  • Forms of business organization
  • Topics in the law of corporations
  • Tort law: an introduction


Basic Management Concepts and Accounting principles

30 hours, 6 credits (SECS-P/07)


  • Organisations: definition and model of economic functioning
  • Principles and practices of managing organizations
  • Basic concepts in accounting
  • Double entry bookkeeping system
  • Financial statements: balance sheet and income statement


Introduction to Economics

30 hours, 6 CFU (SECS-P/01)

Part 1: Microeconomics

  • Trade offs in economics
  • Consumer theory
  • Elasticity and markets
  • The effect of taxes
  • Production theory
  • Equilibrium under perfect competition and welfare
  • Monopoly and oligopoly

Part 2: Macroeconomics

  • National accounts
  • Demand and supply
  • Unemployment and inflation
  • Long run economic growth
  • Saving, investment and finance

Language classes

In addition to the academic courses, students can apply for language classes in either Italian or English:

English (level B2)

20 hours of English language classes aimed at  B2 level certification (required for enrolment).

The English language classes are for students who already have a good knowledge of the language (at level B1), and who need to obtain a B2 certification for enrolment in a Master's degree programme.

Italian language (beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced)

20 hours of Italian language, offered at different learning levels, from beginners upwards.

N.B. Credit will not be awarded for language classes; at the end of the language course students will sit the test for level certification.  Language classes will only be activated with a minimum number of participants in each level group.


Academic courses
1 course — €250
2 courses — €450
3 courses — €650

Language classes
English for level B2 — €200
Italian (beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced) — €200

How to apply

  • for non-EU students, who need a visa to enter Italy: June 30th 
  • for Eu students, who do not need a visa to enter Italy: July 31st 

For more information, please contact


Payment must be made by bank transfer/wire to the following account:

Account name: Ca’ Foscari School for International Education (CFSIE)
Account number: 46603825
Bank name/address: Banca Popolare FRIULADRIA, San Marco 4121 Salizada San Luca, 30124 VENEZIA
IBAN: IT 96 U 05336 02020 000046603825
Reference: "Payment for 2017 Bridge Term"

For international transfers, SWIFT code: BPPNIT2P326

All transfer fees are to be covered by the student.

Your arrival

Bridge Term students receive comprehensive pre-departure arrival information and assistance with the visa process, and upon arrival will find out how to access students services at Ca’ Foscari such as fully equipped libraries (open late), student cafeterias, campus-wide wifi, the buddy programme for international students, and more.

To find out more about what the University has to offer, read through the Ca' Foscari Welcome Guide.



The Housing Office can assist Bridge Term students with finding accommodation if needed: find out more on their webpage.

Completing the Bridge Term

Following successful completion of the Bridge Term international students will be enrolled in their chosen degree programme by the Ca' Foscari Welcome office.

NB: Participation in the Bridge Term does not entitle students to directly access their chosen degree programme; students must take an entry test, where necessary. For non-EU students the entry test will be replaced by a Skype interview.

Enrolment in your Master's degree

EU and non-EU students holding an international qualification and wishing to enrol at Ca’ Foscari must request a preliminary online evaluation of their qualifications.

For further information on enrolment at Ca' Foscari as an international student please visit the webpage.