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Bachelor's Degree Programmes a.y. 2017/2018

Sciences of Society and Social Service

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Governance of Public Organizations
Work, Social Citizenship, Interculturality

International Studies and Globalization

Preservation and Management of Cultural Heritage

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A minor is a didactic course, aimed towards those enrolled in Bachelor's Degree programmes, composed of 3 modules, each worth 6 ECTS, for a total of 18 ECTS, that allows students to amplify and complete their training, whether scientific or in humanities, looking at materials that they have not had the chance to deepen their knowledge on as it falls outside their specific training. Students can choose from the Minors offered, except for those whose content is already part of their degree; on the webpage for each minor possible study programmes that Minors cannot be chosen for are indicated. Students can choose a Minor and insert the modules that it is composed of by filling in their study plan. Normally, 2 of the 3 modules (12 ECTS) are inserted as optional credits, the third module (6 ECTS) is inserted as a supernumerary or additional credit. If you are enrolled in the Management Degree programme, all 3 modules of the Minor can be selected for the 18 optional credits provided by the programme. If the Minor has limited places available, admission will be subject to a selection process, and the process will be indicated in the specific course announcement (to be announced).

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Minor a.y. 2017/2018

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Active Learning Lab
The Urban Innovation Bootcamp
CFA Fund Management Challenge
CFA Investment Research Challenge
Business management and criminal liability for administrators and executives
Emotional Skills and Individual Development
Forensic Accounting and Support in Controversy
Methodologies, Digital Resources and Accounting Tools for Philological Studies
Workshop on International Relations and Organizations
Workshop on Econometrics
Workshop on Finance

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