Academic year: 2017/2018

Level of qualification

Bachelor's Degree Programme

Ministerial degree code

L-18 (Business Administration)


Department of Management, Cannaregio 873, 30121 Venice (Italy)
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Head of studies

Curriculum in Business Administration (in Italian): Prof. Antonio Proto (Teaching Committee Coordinator,
Curriculum in Business Administration and Management (in English): Prof. Andrea Pontiggia (


Italian and English

Access to the programme

Programmed, 675 available positions
Regarding the available spaces, there are 15 spots reserved for non-EU students, of which 1 space is reserved for Chinese students, living in China, studying under the Marco Polo Project.

Curriculum Business Administration: test of logic/mathematics and Italian/general culture. Furthermore, a certified knowledge of the English language at least at B1 level is required.

Curriculum Business Administration and Management: test of mathematics in English and certified knowledge of English at minimum level B2.

Admission requirements

In addition to a successful outcome of the admission test, a previous suitable background is required: each curriculum needs a specific knowledge, which the student should  have before enrolling the university, in order to attend the course successfully.

If the results of the test are negative, the student can enroll, but he/she receives a supplementary educational debt (OFA).

More information on OFA for this programme is available on the webpage dedicated to admission test.

Learning outcomes

The degree programme allows students to acquire specific skills in the marketing, auditing, administration and verification, personnel management, finance and financial intermediation sectors. The curriculum in Business Administration and Management provides students with useful tools to find work in both European and international markets and participate in Master’s Degree programmes abroad.

Curricula available

  • Business Administration (in Italian);
  • Business Administration and Management (in English).

Occupational profiles

Bachelor's Degree graduates may be employed as managers and consultants in industrial, business, banking, finance and insurance companies and enterprises, both in Italy and abroad. An agreement with the Order of Accountants and Chartered Accountants (Ordine dei Commercialisti ed Esperti contabili) allows graduates to be exempted from the first written exam for registration in Section B of the Italian Register of Accountants and Chartered Accountants (Albo dei Dottori Commercialisti ed Esperti Contabili) and to carry out their professional internship during the final year of their degree programme.

An agreement has been drawn up with the Vicenza Order of Employment Advisors (Ordine dei Consulenti del lavoro di Vicenza) allowing students to carry out their professional internship during the final year of their degree programme and permitting recognition of 12 ECTS (in legal studies) for students who have taken the State exam.



Examination assessment and graduation

Learning activities comprise taught courses, workshop-based projects and internships in companies based in Italy and abroad so that students can acquire the necessary competencies to enter the world of work.
During the course of their studies students will take exams to assess learning outcomes.
The final exam involves the preparation of a paper on a topic chosen by the student; the marks for the final exam are added to the average mark obtained in the intermediate exams.

Access to further studies

Professional Master’s Programmes (1st level) and Master's Degree Programmes.