Violence towards women: datas, legislation and news. An interview with Sara De Vido

Rimini, Florence, Rome, Lecce are only a few tragic examples of violence against women. Violence is presented by media as the result of a moment of insanity and jealousy. Is that really so?

Great antioxidant properties found in 'Rosa di Verona' and 'radicchio di Chioggia'

It is a known fact that chicory is a healthy food and scientific research at Ca’ Foscari measuring antioxidant properties in seven types of chicory has confirmed it.

ERC, Ca' Foscari wins two grants

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice won two ERC Starting Grants as a host institution with the economist Enrica De Cian and the literature and christian thought researcher Emiliano Fiori who will become associate professors at Ca’ Foscari.

Studying the myth of Saint Mark’s basilica

The influence of the church of the Holy Apostles on the Venitian basilica at the center of the 'Marie Curie' project that brought the Italo-Greek researcher Beatrice Daskas to Venice.

Climate, here is the scientific explanation of frost in Flemish paintings

Between the fifteenth and seventeenth century, Europe and North America experienced a Little Ice Age represented in the snowy landscapes painted by Flemish masters since the Renaissance. A research published yesterday explains why.

Data science and society, Quattrochiocchi will develop research at Ca’ Foscari

Walter Quattrociocchi, internationally renowned researcher for his studies on online disinformation, will be part of the Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics at Ca’ Foscari, where he will fund the Laboratory of Data Science and Complexity.

Anthropocene began with fires 3000 years ago

Ca’ Foscari and Cnr scientists investigated ice and lake core records in Asia, America and Europe, and glaciers in the Alps and Himalaya to understand when anthropocene begun.

For 12 Venetian Businesses creative heritage to strengthen competitive edge

Ca’ Foscari is launching the “V_Heritage” project, funded by the European Social Fund through Venetian regional authority to strengthen the competitive edge of Venice’s creative industries, supporting 12 businesses from the Venetian region in discovering their cultural heritage.

The experiment: miniature Ionian Sea to understand Sea vortex phenomena

An international group of oceanographers including Ca' Foscari researchers, will create a miniature Ionian Sea in a pivoting tank of 13 meters diameter and a meter deep which rotates in 3 minutes imitating the Earth rotation in one day at the LEGI Coriolis in Grenoble.