Y.our Future, the University campaign to support young people’s talent

A non-competitive race from Ca’ Foscari Zattere to Piazza San Marco and back for the launch of Y.OUR FUTURE, a project of the venetian university that aims to collect resources to invest in the talent of young people through university training, a fundamental element for a future of social, cultural and economic development and growth.

Ca’ Foscari, the third university in Italy ranked for quality of research and ranked first for merit for the assignment of the Ministry of Education’s prize for Ordinary Financing Fund 2016, invites entrepreneurs and businesses - aware of the critical role that the University plays as a guardian of training young generations - to support the University in its policies in favour of the access to study and the quality of formative projects and research.

The first Y.OUR FUTURE initiative will take place on Saturday 6th May 2017 with Y.OUR FUTURE RUN, a non-competitive race in Venice, open to all – runners, students, staff and scholars of the university, and citizens of all ages. It will be an occasion to get involved once more with the city, the territory and all the Ca’ Foscari community, all with a common goal. The departure will be at 9.30am from Ca’ Foscari Zattere and will then arrive in San Marco where, after a photo is taken in this exceptional location, the “runners” will retrace their steps to Zattere where they will cross the finish line. Upon finishing the walk, the party will continue in the Y.our Future area, set up in Campo de S.Basegio (registration at

Michele Bugliesi, Rector at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, said: “Ca’ Foscari has two central elements of its strength in its ability to innovate and to be open to the territory: we share our experiences and expertise with businesses and with public and cultural institutions, to multiply the impact of their investment in our actions. With the Y.OUR FUTURE project, we aim to increase our investment to support access to study to a large number of motivated and deserving young people, to guarantee the better quality of our formative project, and to create the most favourable conditions to attract and grow the best talents in research. We launch the Y.OUR FUTURE project, with awareness of our force and our credibility as an excellent, transparent and efficient public institution, and with the ambition to grow further, to establish ourselves as one of the best universities in Europe and the world, in the service of our students and the community that we speak to. The name chosen highlights the broad and inclusive vision and character that we want to give to the project; keeping an eye on the younger generation, ‘your future’ does not forget that they are the key to ‘our future’, the future of the entire society.”

The economic objective of Y.OUR FUTURE, stimulating and ambitious, is to raise 20 million Euros in 3 years through innovative fundraising campaigns and challenges. The resources collected by the project will be entirely invested in supporting the most widespread and inclusive access to university training at Ca’ Foscari, and to give further impetus to the University's committment to carrying out training programmes of ever-increasing value and quality.


Y.OUR FUTURE is a project for students, for their future and for that of the new generations that will choose Ca’ Foscari. The resources that will be collected will be dedicated to their training, to guarantee the most favourable conditions to access study, and to secure more and better didactic offers, innovative in their methods, excellent for the content quality and the profile of the scholars that teach them.

Thanks to those who will choose to take part in the Y.OUR FUTURE project, Ca’ Foscari will create an extensive and articulate platform for the activation of grants, merit awards, incentives for international mobility, and opportunities for entering the world of work. Y.OUR FUTURE will support the development of services and of the infrastructures for study, for residential living and for university life, guaranteeing fairness and transparency, attention to merit and support for the necessities of students in greater need.

With the resources collected by Y.OUR FUTURE, Ca’ Foscari will thus be able to extend its thriving program to enlist the most prestigious international scholars, increasing the initiatives to reward the best academics, offering them opportunities for competitive work in the international field and involving them in an extended network of national and international relations. This same network will establish a connective framework for developing joint projects for research, training, and starting a professional career. Y.OUR FUTURE will allow students to continue to achieve border routes, based on academic excellence, on innovative and interdisciplinary content, able to stimulate critical thought and develop the skills necessary to confront the challenges of the 21st Century.


Entrepreneurs and businesses will naturally be the privileged partners of the Y.OUR FUTURE project. They will be partners for their role as co-stars in social development and growth, and for the professional and personal fulfilment of those that participate in economic and productive processes. They will also be partners because they are entirely aware of the added value that higher education brings for growth and innovation, and even more aware that in the present and the future of a society of knowledge - developed and full of competition - corporate social responsibility is not only responsibility but also, and above all, investment, because they are aware that “what is good for society is good for the company”.


Starting from a  community of 19,428 students in 2010, today there are 21,775 students enrolled in Ca' Foscari university programmes with an increase of 12% in six years. In the same years Ca’ Foscari has grown in attention towards students to whom the university offers a selection of programmes that covers a wide variety of disciplines: from economy and finance to marketing and business management, from eastern and western languages and culture to non-verbal languages, from international studies and globalisation to management of digital transformation, from restoration art to management of cultural heritage, from philosophy to history and archaeology, from computer science to environmental sciences, chemistry and biotechnologies.