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Ca’ Foscari-IUAV wins the International Universities Boat Challenge

The Ca’ Foscari-IUAV team won the 2017 International Universities Boat Challenge, sixth edition of the inter-university competition, on the Historical Regatta on September 3rd.

In 3.37,48, the team beat the University of Vienna which arrived at the finish line in 3.47,63.

The third place was taken by the University of Padua which beat Warwick in 3.49.88 against 3.59.88.

The inter-university competition, in collaboration with Cus Venezia, reached its sixth edition in its renewed version, but universities challenged each other since 2004. This year Ca’ Foscari, IUAV, as well as the universities of Padua, Vienna and Warwick took part to the challenge.

The challenge developed in two steps: a qualification to select the teams that will fight for first and second places (Finale A) and those who will fight for the third and fourth places (Finale B) and then a 750 meters challenge between Rialto Bridge and Ca’ Foscari.

Venice and Vienna fought for the first and second places and Padua and Warwick for the third and fourth places.

1st challenge:
Vienna 1.10.49 ; Padua 1.16.04

2nd challenge:
Padua 1.17.54; Vienna 1.15.37 

3rd challenge:
Venice 1.19.32 ; Warwick 1.26.07

4th challenge:
Warwick 0.53.56 ; Venice 0.49.41

Venetian team: Andreotti Arianna, Anghetti  Dalila, Barichello  Jessica, Cardaioli Francesco,

Colombo  Pietro, Santi  Tommaso, Semenzato Samuele, Stefanile Davide, Tessitore Laura, Trani  Vittorio, Zhu Anna, Morosinato  Stefano  (timoniere)

Technical Director: Sergio Barichello
Coach: Alberto Vianello

The International Universities Boat Challenge was possible thanks to the City of Venice and Ve.La S.p.A., in collaboration with Cus Venezia. The traditional Venetian boats, “galeoni”, were made available by the Venetian Committee for the Old Italian Maritime Republics.

We thank New Murano Gallery srl and Libreria Cafoscarina for their support.