World Dragon Boat championship, medals for Ca’Foscari-IUAV

The Ca’ Foscari-IUAV team won many medals including gold medals, at the World Dragon Boat Championship 2017 between September 3rd and 8th in Venice.

All the results:

Senior women’s team:

The Senior women’s team, mainly students of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and IUAV, in a 20 athletes standard boat, won a silver medal for 500m over a Chinese, a German and a Hungarian team, and a team from Hong Kong, and a bronze medal for 2,000m.

Being able to take part to such a prestigious championship held for the first time in Venice was a great experience” - says Federica Lombardi, Ca’ Foscari graduate - despite the obstacles we reached major results against teams from the whole world”.

Erika Golin, student at Ca’ Foscari, also shared her satisfaction as a part of the Senior women’s team: “It was one of a top-level and the toughest championships I was ever part of and it was great bringing medals home in our home “ground”. It was an incredible experience also because we met people from around the world”.

Master A and Master B women’s teams:

The Master A women’s team (over 40), European champions in 2016 and 2017, confirmed their great level winning a gold medal for 200m, and a silver medal for 2,000m.
The Master B women’s team (over 50), which includes many athletes of the Master A team, qualified as world champions for 200m, 500m and 2,000m.

A mixed small boat team (over 50) also participated to the race, and was off the podium by an inch for 2,000m.