"Ruskino", the festival of Russian cinema, is back

Seven editions, five days of projections. The Ca’ Foscari festival “Ruskino” is back once again from November 6th to 10th - promoted by the festival of the Russian film festival and international programs and the CSAR (Research Centre on Russian Culture and Arts).

The festival will include well-known directors’ works - and in particular Anna Karenina. The history of Vronsky, a new perspective on the novel by Tolstoy directed by Кaren Shakhnazarov, the president of Mosfilm who was a guest of the Rusinko festival in previous editions - as well as younger interpreters such as Boris Akopov who will present his debut film, Paradise, with which he graduated just a year ago to provide a broad glance at recent Russian cinema. All the projections will focus on films produced in the last two years, with subtitles.

“The subtitle contest has reached its fourth year - explained prof. Silvia Burini, director of the CSAR - and is an invitation to rediscover a useful and innovative instrument, especially in the film and digital industries”.
This year the subtitle contest will be rewarding top Ca’ Foscari students, but also high school students in the context of the work-linked training to allow young students to discover Russian culture, the film industry and translation related jobs.

Here is all the programme.