Ca' Foscari sociale project

Ca Foscari sociale is a project launched by the university in 2012 to boost the university community’s cooperation with the Veneto Region’s non-profit associations.

In 2017 Ca' Foscari Sociale has started a partnership with Startempo, a project realized during "The Urban Innovation Bootcamp"[IT] of Ca' Foscari University.

Startempo is a new online platform, where every member of the Ca' Foscari community can offer his time and competencies for voluntary activities, bringing innovation to the territory.

What is this about?

With this new online platform is easier to match the Venetian non-profit needs with the professionalism and the talents the Ca' Foscari community wants to make available.

Taking part to the project means leaving new experiences, acquire new knowledge, dveloping and increasing competencies, using them in the city where you live, study or work, getting actively involved in improving the local context.

Everyone can cooperate joining the online platform and taking part to the voluntary initiatives offered in Venice, Treviso and in other Venetian cities.

How does it work?

The territory no-profit organizations publish on the online platform the proposed projects, indicating the required skills, times and the volunteers profiles.

The aspiring volunteers, after having joined the online platform, can update their profile, pointing out skills, interests and passions; furthermore the volunteers can look for projects already published on the platform and join the initiatives.

How to join

For those who wish to partecipate to the project, or had already joined Ca' Foscari sociale project and wants to renovate their will to be part of it, should fill out the form and start looking for projects of their interest.

Find out the platform

The Startempo platform is only available in italian.

Join the Startempo platform filling in the online form, indicate your skills, interests and your availability of time.

Identify your most intersting cause and browse the no-profit organizations projects on the platform.

Apply to the platform and get in touch with the organization: you will meet new people, you will practice your skills and learn something new.

Who can join the project

The project is addressed to all university members.

Considering the typicality of the project is important to highlight that:

  • joining the project is voluntary
  • University gives his referential support (the Ca' Foscari logo is on the partnership project)
  • the reference will not lead to a score rise or any useful evaluation to professional or student career
  • the activity will be unpaid
  • the time spent to volunteer should be done outside working hours or mandated class.

Last update: 13/06/2018