Single courses

Enrolment in single courses is an interesting opportunity to integrate one’s university and/or professional curriculum. Ca’ Foscari University offers the possibility to enrol in single courses, that is, single courses within the various departments, as well as the opportunity to take the relevant exams. Exam results are provided to students through certification.

Some courses are divided into modules; in this case, in order to receive academic credits assigned to the specific course, the student must pass all of the exams for each of the modules that make up the course.

The university will be closed from December 23rd 2017 to January 7th 2018: applications submitted by December 15th 2017 will be taken into consideration before Winter Break. Later enrolment requests will be processed after January 8th 2018.


It is possible to enrol in single courses for a maximum total of 60 ECTS for the academic year in which the student is enrolled.

During your academic years at Ca’ Foscari, you can enrol in any activated courses for Master’s degree students in the Department of Management for an overall maximum credits of 42 ECTS: with regards to ECTS gained in previous academic years, taken exams with a positive outcome only will be considered.

In order to enrol in single courses at Ca' Foscari:

  • the student must possess a secondary school degree;
  • students may also be enrolled simultaneously in a programme that will result in a degree, as long as all university fees and payments are in order;
  • after enrolment, the student is not permitted to change their choice of course; instead, they may enrol in other single courses for a maximum of required credits.

Period to apply

You can register for single courses for Academic Year 2017/2018, from 19th September 2017 to 31st August 2018: you can take use all the available appeals, from October 2017 to 30th September 2018.


The procedure for Academic year 2017/2018 is completely online and requires the following steps:

  • Registration on the University website;
  • Submission of the enrolment request form;
  • Payment of the enrolment fee and payment of stamp duty (16 Euros);
  • Completion of the enrolment on behalf of the Enrolment Unit;
  • Finish the registration with the Enrolment Unit.
Contacts and reservation

Once you are registered, you will receive:

  • a student number: this is personal and irreplaceable and necessary to receive exam results and for contact with the administrative office;
  • User ID: to be used as a login, together with your password, to access the Personal Area on the University website;
  • password: this is personal and will be activated from the following day after it has been issued. If you do not remember your password, go to the access page in the Personal Area and follow the instructions in order to recover your password. Once you have entered the Personal Area, you may make use of the various online services (printing certificates, registering for exams, effecting changes to your personal data and contact addresses).
  • e-mail address: this is personal and free of charge; it allows for a two-way communication with the university: it will be the means by which you will receive telematic records of exams that you will take, you will receive notice and information on the opportunities that the university has for your personally. It will be activated from the day following registration;
  • CartaConto: it can be used to as a library card; it allows you to make photocopies, it can also be used as a convenient pre-paid and rechargeable card.

To compile your application form, you must:

  • Register on the University website: this consists of inserting all data for registry, residency and possible domicile. You should not carry out registration online if you are already enrolled at Ca’ Foscari: to access the Personal Area you should use the username and password that you were assigned. If you have forgotten it, you can use the specific procedure to recover it.
  • Access the Personal Area of the website with the username and password assigned at the end of the registration procedure, and select, in the “Segreteria” section, the “Immatricolazione ai corsi ad accesso libero” function and then “Corso Singolo”. During the completion, you will be asked first to upload a photo (portfolio-sized, face-on, clear and legible) as a .jpg, then the following documentation:

    • A valid identification document (front and back);
    • Any other documentation (eg. Alumni enrolment card; clearance from Teaching Committee).

Enrollment Questionnaire

During your competition of the application form, you will be required to fill in a specific questionnaire stating:

  • Reasons for enrolment;
  • Possible affiliation to exemption records for enrolment fee;
  • Details regarding the subjects to which you want to enrol in.

Attention: If you are already enrolled in a Single Course for Academic Year 2017/2018 and you want to add courses to your programme, please write to, attaching the form on this page, a copy of your document of identity. In this case you should not complete the application form again.

Students with qualifications obtained abroad

During the completion of the enrollment form, as well as the requested documentation, students should insert:

  • A valid residency permit (front and back if in possession);
  • Scanned copy of your secondary education or degree programme obtained abroad;
  • Copy of your Declaration of Value for the qualification obtained abroad.

Completion of the application form

The completion of the application form will not automatically entail the enrolment of the student: enrolment will be completed only after the payment of fees and stamp duty.

The receipt for payment will be generated within 7 working days from the day of compilation and will be notified by email.

Saturday is not considered as a working day.

The fees to be paid are:

  • 169,00 Euro for each course which is worth up to 6 ECTS;
  • 233,00 Euro for each course which is worth up to or more than 7 ECTS.

The receipt for the payment of fees and stamp duty will be generated within 7 working days from the day of compilation and will be notified by email.

Then, you may choose whether to:

  • Pay online: to do so, click on “pay online with PagoPA" and choose between:
    • Credit card, choosing one of the credit card options listed;
    • Bank transfer (home banking): verify that your bank is listed. If so, select it and proceed with the payment.
  • Pay in person at a banking institution: click on “Notice of bank payment in person” (Avviso pagamento presso sportello bancario) and print off the payment notice that you will then use to pay at one of banking institutions that adhere the PagoPA system [IT].

Once the payment has been made, you will receive an email confirmation- On the day following the payment, please log in to the “payment” section of your Personal Area to print off the payment receipt.

Ca' Foscari Alumni

Students who have become members of the Ca' Foscari Alumni association are entitled to certain benefits regarding single courses: for Alumni Premium, there is a discount of 10% for two courses of their choice, and for Alumni Sostenitori: free enrollment in one course of their choice. For more information, visit the Ca' Foscari Alumni website.

PhD students

Other benefits will be given to PhD students who can enrol for one course free of cost during their Doctorate, provided that the Academic Board finds that each course is of fundamental importance to the student’s research and the student demonstrates the scientific reasoning that correlates the course to their research, all in relation to their thesis. In this case, the student must provide a copy of this statement together with the course application.

The single courses offered coincide with the single course available within different degree programmes.

The courses offered may require attendance in one or more modules. In order to receive full credits for the course, it is necessary to pass the exams of each of the course modules. 

The list of courses and the descriptions indicate whether or not the course is comprised of more than one module by showing the partial number of credits for each module (es.”6 out of 12 credits”). If there are other modules for this course, it will be indicated within the individual descriptions under the section “Other parts of this course”. In this case, the student must enrol for the 12 credit option, not just the 6 credit module, paying the required fee. The exam results will be given only after completion of both modules.

You will be able to enrol in any of the course offered by Ca’ Foscari for the academic year in which you are registered, except for those:

  • for part-time students;
  • With marks equivalent to 0 ECTS or lacking SSD;
  • activated for PhD courses;
  • activated fot the International College;
  • activated for the Master’s degree programme in Crossing the Mediterranean: towards Investment and Integration (MIM);
  • activated for the School for International Education (SIE);
  • activated for inter-university Master’s programme courses when held outside Venice;
  • in the first and second year of the Chemistry and Sustainable technology Bachelor's degree programme. For courses given in the third year, in the case that a laboratory is provided, enrolment will be allowed by and not after the beginning of the laboratory;
  • activated on the Environment, Sustainable Chemistry and Technologies curriculum in the Master’s Degree Programme in Chemistry and Sustainable Technology;
  • activated in the Master’s Degree Programmes in Chemistry and Sustainable Technology and in Science and Technology of Bio and Nano Materials that are provided with a laboratory: in this case enrollment will be allowed by and not after the beginning of the laboratory;
  • activated for the Master’s degree programme in Digital Management;
  • during your academic years at Ca’ Foscari, you can enrol in any activated courses for Master’s students in the Department of Management for an overall maximum credits of 42 ECTS: with regards to ECTS gained in previous academic years, taken exams with a positive outcome only will be considered;
  • in the Linguistic and Cultural Mediation Master's degree programme. It is, however, possible for students to enroll in courses that are part of the Linguistic and Cultural Mediation programme, without required attendance, only if the student needs to fulfill the curricular requirements for enrollment in the Interpreting and Translation for Publishing Master’s Degree Programme, or possible credits for the Tirocini Formativi Attivi (TFA) teaching training courses.

To view the list of available courses at Ca' Foscari and their respective Degree programmes, visit the web page Course search.

To view the list of courses that require lessons or other facilitations in the English language (bibliography, taking the exam in English or language assistance in English), please consult the following web page English-taught courses at Ca' Foscari.