Language, culture and society of Asia and Mediterranean Africa

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The course plans to develop the relative linguistic abilities of two oriental languages with different levels of understanding according to the selected curriculum, and offer a solid understanding of the cultures and societies of these Bachelor’s languages. Furthermore, it requires an in-depth understanding of the English language or the acquisition of basic skills of written and spoken French, and the critical-interpretive study of Italian literature. Through focused exercises, students will also be able to master the principal informatics and telematic tools, with possible reference to the specifications in the linguistic area of expertise.

The objectives will be achieved through study programmes, each one with a specific route, aimed at training cultural mediators that have good linguistic preparation supplied with a profound understanding of the cultural patrimony of the Asian and Mediterranean African countries, and, according to personal interests or with a perspective of enrolling in a Master’s degree, also obtain skills in the philological, economic-legal and historic-social fields.  

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