Sustainable Chemistry and Technologies

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This degree programme intends to model the Bachelor’s Degree students with an adequate preparation of the basic scientific materials, both of mathematics and physics, and with a solid preparation In the differing fields of chemistry, from theoretical to experimental. Students will be correctly using the chemical language in all their articulations, and will be able to understand the principals that govern the materials’ properties. They will be able to apply their understanding to traditional processes, acquire technological skills and will know how to manage resources and processes of transformation in a sustainable way and appreciate raw materials.

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Admissions process and required competence

This degree programme is of limited admission

If you possess a non-italian study qualification, the first compulsory step is the pre-evaluation of the qualification: it is sufficient to register in the portal, choosing the study programme that interests you and loading the required documentation. After around 15 days, the Welcome Unit of the International Office will give you feedback on your application.

To be able to take part in the selection process you must take the TOLC-E online test , supplied by CISIA - the Inter-University Consortium for Integrated Admission Systems.

Students can take the test at Ca’ Foscari and at all university institutions that adhere to the CISIA.
At Ca’ Foscari, the exam dates are as follows:

  • 29th August 2017
  • 4th anf 8th September 2017

Once you have taken the test, you must carry out the pre-registration on the Ca’ Foscari website by 9th September at 12.00 noon through the specific procedure.

If you are a non-EU student with residence abroad, the Welcome Unit of the International Office will organize a skype call to replace the admissions test.

The appointment for the Skype call will be made through the portal. 

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