Sciences of Society and Social Service

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This Bachelor's Degree Programme aims to equip graduates with a good grounding in human and social sciences, enriched and completed with specific knowledge and skills in the field of social work theories, methods and techniques. The objective is to provide graduates with adequate skills to read and interpret typical phenomena of nowadays society as well as expertise to analyse the socio-economic and cultural context, necessary for social intervention and social work. For this purpose, intensive apprenticeships, led by supervising social workers, are included.

16/01 launch of the programme in History and Philosophy of Science

16th January 2018, 5.15 pm
Malcanton Marcorà, Aula Mazzariol

We live and develop in a “knowledge society” in which historical and philosophical considerations of science are necessary to understand the present day. As a result of this need, the department is renewing and reinforcing course offerings and research in the history and philosophy of science, promoting a diverse and interdisciplinary perspective with the goal of creating, over time, a community recognized in national and international spheres.
The program possesses the following aspects:

The courses bridge between continuity and innovation, combining subjects and expertise both already present in the curricula and to be enacted in the near future.

  • Undergraduate: philosophy of science, logic, logic of mathematics, history of science, historical epistemology.
  • Postgraduate: philosophy of social science; political epistemology; Renaissance natural philosophy, alchemy, astrology, and magic; history of the scientific revolution.
  • Related courses: bioethics, social ethics and bioethics, history of logic.

The program includes two recent interdisciplinary and international ERC projects [IT]:

  • Knowledge for Use
  • Early Modern Cosmology

Public activities
The program plans to promote a series of activities not only to solidify international exchange and to create occasions for intellectual exchange but also to share – at a level accessible to the wider public – results and findings derived from the research carried out within the program (“Colloquia”, national and international guests, “International Network”). 

Contacts: Eleonora MontuschiCraig Edwin MartinPietro Daniel Omodeo