Website address: www.unive.it/degree/ft5 - Italian version: www.unive.it/cdl/ft5

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The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in History is a course through events and phenomenon of the past during which, through critical investigation, students learn to reconstruct and understand the sequence of different societies and their reciprocal connections. It provides a basic humanistic training and the fundamental relative understanding of the contents and of the methodology of research in a historic, anthropologic, social and documentary environment, relative to the chronological art that goes from ancient times to our present day. It offers diverse courses of cultural growth in the field of humanitarian science, that allow access to different Master’s university degree programmes and already offers, at this level, useful tools to manage interpersonal relations and complex decision processes of organizational structures such as public businesses and administrations.

Admissions process and required competence

This degree programme is of open admission.

If you possess a non-Italian study qualification, the first compulsory step is the pre-evaluation of the qualification: it is sufficient to register in the apply.unive.it portal, choosing the study programme that interests you and loading the required documentation. After around 15 days, the Welcome Unit of the International Office will give you feedback on your application.

If you are a non-EU student resident abroad, the Welcome Unit of the International Office will organize a skype call to replace the admissions test. The appointment for the Skype call will be made through the apply.unive.it portal.

Enrollment closes on 30th September 2017.