Accounting and Finance

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Would you like to delve deeper into studying economics and business, concentrating on administrative and financial management of companies of all sizes and sectors of business? This Master’s degree course allows you to specialise in these fields, acquiring useful skills to operate as a responsible administrative or financial manager, and also as a controller, internal auditor, and risk manager. In depth study of the legal field also guarantees the skills necessary for the management of extraordinary finance operations and the exercise of professional services.

With regard to the latter, thanks to the agreement with the Ordine dei Commercialisti ed Esperti Contabili, you can start professional training during the second year, and you will have exemption from the first test at the State Exam. Moreover, thanks to the agreement with the Ordine dei Consulenti del Lavoro di Vicenza, you can carry out the professional training during the second year.  

This Master's Degree Programme produces experts in accounting data, planning management control systems, setting out finance strategies and auditing business risk. Depending on the curriculum chosen, different aspects relating to the profession or the internal business management are investigated.

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