Marketing and Communication

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This Master’s Degree programme forms experts able to cover managerial and directional roles within structures of marketing and communication, centers of innovation and design and sales networks of industrial, commercial and service businesses.
The programme is subdivided into two parts, one in Italian on Business Marketing and Communication and the other in English on Innovation and Marketing.
Both parts provide the tools to plan and control the marketing and communication activities, whether for purposes of profit or for social purposes, on a national and international level.
In particular, the part taught in Italian develops all the skills relative to the broad specter of business communication in its various forms: internet marketing, television, advertising in the real and virtual world, and public relations.
The part taught in English, on the other hand, focuses on the relationship between marketing and innovation, deepening the understanding of topics relative to design and innovation, product management, planning tools and management of creative processes.
Didactic training is integrated with direct experience in marketing and communication offices within several companies.

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