Environmental Sciences

Website address: www.unive.it/msc-environmental-sciences - Italian version: www.unive.it/cdl/cm5

The Master’s Degree programme provides an elevated qualification and specialisation in the following fields: application of methodology of investigation and of the design of recovery operations and environmental rehabilitation; evaluation of environmental resources; regional management and planning and of coastal marine systems; evaluation and management of climate change issues and dynamics of the Earth system, environmental interest technologies and cleaner products and processes.

Once you will graduate, you will have gained the required skills to apply as a highly qualified specialist or a consultant in industries, international agencies for the protection of environment, public institutions, research institutions and universities.

The programme includes lab and interdisciplinary experiments on the field, as well as international internship opportunities.

It is structured in three curricula: Global Environmental Change (entirely taught in English), Control and Environmental Rehabilitation and Evaluation and Management of Environmental Systems.

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Register in 5 simple steps

If you are a student holding an international degree and you intend of registering for a Bachelor's or Master's degree course at Ca' Foscari, before anything else, you must apply for a pre-evaluation of your study qualification and school curriculum. Register on www.apply.unive.it. If the pre-evaluation is successful you can proceed with your application for Ca' Foscari.

 1: verify that you fulfill the access requirements using the appropriate procedure

 2: wait for the results of the evaluation of the access requirements published

 3: register to the University website

 4: fill in the application for registration

 5: make the first instalment payment

You can take advantage of economic benefits including scholarships, tax reductions and incentives for students outside the region. Read the calls in the relevant web pages to find out how and when to submit the request.

Front office service offered in Chinese language

Starting from September, the university Welcome Unit is going to provide a front office service offered in Chinese language. 

The service, located on the first floor of the university's main building, will be available on Monday and Tuesday mornings (please note that after September and October opening times could vary). 

To access the service you need to book an appointment in advance: 

International students can use the service to deal with all matters regarding university life, in particular those managed by the Welcome Unit, such as permit of residence, exams, academic path, CartaConto, fiscal code, immigration, etc.



Tuition fees 2018/2019: 1st instalment by 01/10

From the A.Y. 2018/2019, tuition fees will be divided into 3 instalments: pay attention to the deadlines!

  • First instalment: within 1st October 2018
  • Second instalment: within 17th December 2018
  • Third instalment: within 19th May 2019

If you don't pay within the deadlines, you will be charged two default extra fees (the first one will be of 50,00 Euro; the second one will be of 200,00 Euro).
The second default extra fee will be charged from the 31st day after the deadline of the first instalment; or from the 10th day after the deadline of the second and the third instalment.

For more information: www.unive.it/fees.