Cultural Anthropology, Ethnology, Anthropological Linguistics (inter-university)

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This Second Cycle Degree Programme aims to provide any necessary instruments for the analysis of the current phase of rapid cultural transformation (migratory phenomena, post-colonial and neocolonial situations, new syntheses resulting therefrom), through the acquisition of an ethnographic and ethnolinguistic background and of mature reflection skills on the professional role of anthropologists and on the methods and consequences of their intervention.

Admission process and required competence

This Master's degree programme is of open admission.

Matriculation is subject to the possession of specific curricular requirements and of suitable personal preparation. 

You can find all the information on the Admission Requirementpage, on the “Enrol” menu.

If you possess a non-Italian study qualification, the first compulsory step is the pre-evaluation of the qualification: it is sufficient to register in the portal, choosing the study programme that interests you and loading the required documentation. After around 15 days, the Welcome Unit of the International Office will give you feedback on your application.

If you are a non-EU student resident abroad, the Welcome Unit of the International Office will organize a skype call to replace the admissions test. The appointment for the Skype call will be made through the portal.