Research projects

The Center for the Humanities and Social Change at Ca'Foscari is developing interdisciplinary projects on the following research streams:

  • Philosophy for Global Challenges. Seeking projects that foster the development of new techniques for big data management, and boost the collaborative effort of researchers, experts and policy makers on themes such as philosophy, Big Data and World Government; Philosophy, Big Data and Inequality; Philosophy, Big Data and Climate change.
  • The Dynamics of Intolerance in Social Media. Seeking projects addressing the understanding of the dynamics of intolerance in social media and contributing to shape strategies that counteract such phenomena and support dialogue and transparent communication among communities, instead of mutual segregation and "echo chambers" spreading deliberately polluted information.
  • Conflict and Tolerance in Literature, Poetry, Theatre, and the Arts. Seeking projects that engage with the impact of literature, poetry, theatre, and multimedia arts on the understanding of social phenomena, creating new perspectives and driving innovation in policy making.
  • Religious and Anti-religious Intolerance and Hatreds. Seeking projects that trace the origins and evolution of religious intolerance, especially through its linguistic expressions, from antiquity to the present.
  • Educational Challenges in a Global Society. Seeking projects that analyze and/or formulate pedagogical models for the teaching of religions in a broader intercultural framework, in all educational contexts. In order to address the educational challenges of a globalized and increasingly multi-ethnic society, it is necessary to include.
  • The Self, the Body and the Other in a Global perspective. Seeking projects experimenting new ideas on the conception of the Self and on different understandings of intimacy, embodiment and (public) space, interrogating the intersection of cultural diversity with gender and sexuality in migratory and diaspora settings.
  • The Humanities and the Challenge of Democracy. Seeking projects that examine the main global challenges to democracy and the specific role of the arts and the humanities in representing, envisioning, addressing and criticizing them.

For the 3-year period 2017-2019 the Center has selected projects through an open call among Ca'Foscari faculty. Here is a list of the themes for which applications are invited, followed by the project's respective scientific coordinators.

Four Fixed-term Researchers

Article 24 of Law 240/10, paragraph 3, letter A
Duration: 3 years

  1. SISEG_ Social Innovation by Means of Artistic Media for Addressing Cultural Diversity: Coping With the Challenges of Young Second Generation Immigrants Starting from Educational System.
    Project's scientific coordinator: Francesca Campomori
    Call for applications
    Deadline: September 21st, 2017 - Selected candidate: Francesco Della Puppa
  2. The Nature of Money And Its Social Perception In Times Of Crisis
    Project's scientific coordinator: Francesca Coin
    Call for applications
    Deadline: September 21st, 2017 
  3. Misinformation: A Quantítative Analysis of Intolerance and Polarization
    Project's scientific coordinator: Agostino Cortesi
    Call for applications
    Deadline: September 21st, 2017 - Selected candidate: Fabiana Zollo
  4. Language Rhetoric and Linguistic Strategies of Religious Intolerant Discourses: The Case of South Asia
    Project's scientific coordinator: Antonio Rigopoulos
    Call for applications
    Deadline: September 21st, 2017 - Selected candidate: Andrea Drocco

Three Postdoctoral Fellows

Duration: 1 year

  1. IT and the Future of Work: Democracy vs. Technocracy in the Workplace
    Project's scientific coordinator: Vladi Finotto
    Deadline: September 8th, 2017 - Selected candidate: Marco Marrone
  2. Are Texts Innocent? Nourishing Religious Prejudice in the Middle Ages
    Project's scientific coordinator: Antonio Rigo. Call for applications (ITA) Call for applications (ENG). Deadline: October 16th, 2017 - Selected candidate: Luigi D'Amelia
  3. “Afrodescendants” in Post- World War II Italy: Experiences and Representations (1944-1979)
    Project's scientific coordinator: Ricciarda Ricorda . Call for applications [PDF] . Deadline: October 6th, 2017 - Selected candidate: Igiaba Scego

Four PhD students

Duration: 3 years

The Iconography of the Turk in the XVth and the XVIth century: a ‘wise knot’ between word and image

Project's scientific coordinator: Martina Frank

Selected candidate: Ilenia Pittui

The Stories that b(l)ind us: How Stories work, and how they Change the World

Project's scientific coordinator: Pia Masiero

Selected candidate: Francesca Massarenti

Political Economy of Medieval Literature. The formation of economic categories in Medieval European Literature (XII- XV centuries)

Project's scientific coordinator: Antonio Montefusco

Selected candidate: Laura Calvaresi

Education to Interculturality through the Studies of Religions. The Problem of East Asian Religions

Project's scientific coordinator: Massimo Raveri

Selected candidate : Giovanni Lapis

Last update: 30/05/2018