Sports activities

Ca' Foscari University of Venice aims to support sport, wellbeing and social inclusivity in the studies and work promoting health and personal wellness.

This is why Ca’ Foscari collaborates with IUAV university of Venice, CUS Venice and CRC Ca’ Foscari (staff only) to encourage the practice of sport.

The University also promotes many initiatives and activities, both competitive and recreational, for students and staff.

Sport at Ca’ Foscari

Ca’ Foscari aims to create an environment that is not only stimulating for the intellect but also for the body. As an institution, we believe that the foundational principles of sport - respect, honesty and a healthy competitive spirit - are as essential to a well-rounded education as knowledge gained through independent reading, lectures and exams.

Sport is key in training and growth and a tool for social inclusivity, for the efforts, will and strength, and being part of a team striving for a common goal, as well as for the healthy lifestyle, the fun and good company it brings.


Rector’s delegate for sports activities

Sports office

  • Sports director and organiser of rowing activites and eventsSergio Barichello
  • Collaborators: Veronica Friso, Jessica Barichello, Marina Vianello

Dragon Boat

Traditional Chinese boat with a bow and a stern shaped like a dragon. 20 sitting athletes row following the rhythm of the drummer sitting on the bow. The helmsperson, on the bow, leads with a 3 meters long oar.

Dragon Boat [IT] 


Boat with eight paddles and fixed seats for the athletes to row sitting. The galleon is used for the yearly international universities boat challenge.

Galleon [IT] 

Venetian rowing (Voga)

In this ancient technique originating from Venice, the rower stands up forward. “Voga” can be practiced on a caorlina, a traditional flat-bottomed Venetian boat with long inclined up bow and stern.

Venetian rowing [IT] 

Kayak and SUP

kayak is a light canoe for one or more riders with a double bladed paddle. The SUP (Stand Up Paddling) is an offshoot of surfing in which the rider stands up on a board and uses a paddle.

Kayak and SUP [IT] 

University Sports Centre of Venice (CUS)

The University Sports Centre of Venice (CUS) offers university students the possibility to participate in a wide variety of sports: judo and personal defence, aerobics and other kinds of gymnastics, fitness, volleyball, basketball, tennis, handball and five-aside-football. There is also a sauna. In the city centre and on the mainland there are also sports facilities for rowing and 'voga alla veneta', sailing, canoeing and kayaking, golf, horse riding, free climbing and swimming.

The CUS also offers university members the possibility to take part in summer and winter camps and organize interfaculty tournaments of football, volleyball, basketball, tennis and five-a-side football.

CUS Venezia [IT]